100% Codex...spoilers possibly

#1neoallbrittPosted 8/13/2012 8:05:05 PM
In order to get all entries in the game, in a single playthrough, Ive made some observations.

1) Shepard needs to be a non-biotic. This is to activate the conversation with Kaiden about biotic training. I was a sentinel and made it through all conversations and he never talked about it cause my Shepard already knew the instructor.

2) Shepard needs to romance Liara, to further the conversation and unlock Asari biology.

3) Shepard needs at least 9 Intimidate, to use the last conversation option in the Normandy surprise inspection and get starship carriers.

4) Shepard needs the Decryption talent, to splice the terminal in the salarian camp and get Salarian culture.

This isnt my opinion, ive played and tested this. Although, I dont know everything and have found that most have 2 ways to acquire. But, I have only noticed these have 1 activation point.

Hope this helps cause, I could of used this like 20 playthroughs ago. LOL
#2neoallbritt(Topic Creator)Posted 8/14/2012 4:24:41 PM
Im am incorrect about the shepard biotic comment. You actually just need to pick three correct responses to get the codex. Angry, bad teacher and must have done something right.. got it for me.
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To get 100% codex, I played the game then saw what I missed in the Mass Effect Wikia. :D
I went to GameFAQs and all I got was this lousy sig.
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Well, that works. But my game glitched at the end. And vigil dialouge didnt unlock weapons javelin and planetary assault trans relay whatever. I used all my energy to get through that playthrough. Probably will not go back and attempt again, knowing its just a crap shoot whether the game will play correctly or just mess up.