Intel/Gold/Tome locations, work in progress, spoilers inside

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Does anyone know which Intel location is for Midtown Intlel #12? I though I was going through them all but I am trying to do this after the game was finished so some of the locations are really tough to figure out if you aren't following it while progressing the story.

I am missing Midtown Intel #12. so if anyone could tell me where it is I would very much appreciate it.
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the #12 intel is in the house located near the northwest entrance of Midtown East. It is the house where you find TWO intels.

#12 is on the top of the bookshelf.
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Glemdening Posted

The number 7 intel in downtown is in the krasaus circle's base After the attack on the base u have to go all the way to the end of the building and in the open area on the left side there is a large garage like area The intel is on the ground

Thank you that was the one.

maverick6146 Posted

Can I come back to midtown after I go to downtown for missions?

the #12 intel is in the house located near the northwest entrance of Midtown East. It is the house where you find TWO intels.

#12 is on the top of the bookshelf.

Excellent. Last one of the two parts of town.

You can move freely between Midtown and downtown. Airfield is the point of no return for this game. once you go to airfield then there is no going back.

Does anyone know where Intel #3 from the Zeppelin level is? I still can't find the damn thing.

These readings are off the charts. Now I'll have to make new charts. Egon
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maverick6146 posted...
I am also down to the last piece of gold in midtown. I believe I got the one on the raft where you have to cross 2 veil door, the one in the fountain, the one on the right side of hospital behind the crate. The one after SS base. The one behind a chained fence where you have to jump from the rooftop. Now talking about the "smoking hole" near hospital. Is that on the east side of the hospital court and has a veil ladder up to the balcony? You can jump to the other part of the balcony separated by fire. I believe I got it too.

I found the last gold that I needed. It's near the main base where you first meet your female contact in midtown west. I noticed there's a fenced door I couldn't get in to in another area, but there's a guy standing inside around the corner and a ladder leading out. I tried forever to slide a box over to the fence and jump over, but to no avail. I walked around to find another way in and took the rooftop access that leads around. You'll have to make a flying jump to get over to the other rooftop, but once over you can fall into that area. There's a gold sack behind one of the NPCs.
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The only other one I can think of is in the tunnel on the way to downtown.
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Valiants18 posted...
I'm missing one final gold on Midtown. Are there any tricky ones that i might have missed. Thanks for any help on this.

I think the trickiest ones were the gold on the rafters in the room accessed by jumping across rooftops, the gold behind the fenced area in west, the gold under the box behind the hospital, the fountain gold, and the gold behind the box next to the hospital.
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I stole TheL_A_G's map from here. All thanks for go to him (I didn't want to take a picture of my tele).

This map is for Downtown, not Midtown. I'll add in things as I find them.

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thanks man that map helped alot
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IGDetail - How do you get behind the hospital? Might be one I'm missing. I know you can to the area you exist the hospital without having been to the hospital (though I only discovered that earlier ~_~), and if it's there I might have it.

I've been everywhere and I can't find these last four at all. I see a ladder behind a chain fence in the West I think it is, but I can't get there so I assume it's blocked. Also seems to be an area in the East (hospital is in East, right?) I think around where you exit Cannery, can't get inside though.
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I described how to get into the fenced in area earlier. You have to go around to the base, take the stairs to the left (if facing the door) and jump up onto the little roof. Climb up and around and take a running jump across to the other roof (there's a sniper plank constructed on the other side). Then just climb over and jump down.

For the hospital you'll need to use the veil ladder near the burnt out tanks. Then take the left door to the outside and make a small jump to the other holed out area.

I hope you didn't miss the one coming out of the cannery, because I don't think you can climb back up there.

Updating my map now.