so... for 20$??

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7 years ago#1
is is worth i told my mother to buy it scince shes not a gamer.. but she likes htese kind of things..

is it really repetitive?? thanks XD

and i ugess i like anagrams.. and a litle wordearxh.. stink at crosswords XD
Deathx113-I am no good at stealing even if it is easy...
meiaman-Stealing is wrong, in the first place, xD
7 years ago#2
If you like anagrams and stink at crosswords, you might like this. The big problem with the game is the crosswords are really easy throughout the easy and medium levels. They ramp up quite a bit once you get to the hard level, but that took way too long to unlock, in my opinion. The game interface is nice and easy to use, though.
7 years ago#3
Also, you can have up to four files on this, so both you and your mom could use the same cart.
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