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Let's Watch: Hard/Lv.1/NO DAMAGE - Complete Video Playthrough
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Metastase118/27 8:57AM
Am I the only one who liked Tome of Arms 2 and 3?DevChandA28/26 7:15AM
Was the two main themes anywhere in this game? (Bloody tears)dragon008598/20 9:32AM
Did anyone elseBizarre_one68/20 9:23AM
WOW! Gotta say this may be my fave since SOTN
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ]
ploodie718/16 7:40AM
Best Sub-weaponGremstein58/11 4:20PM
You know what would have made this game even better?Azardea48/11 4:16PM
[Quiz] Bosses - Castlevania: Portrait of RuinKorppi58/10 8:34PM
Why is Richter BELMONT a ninja?dragon008527/22 2:12PM
Only have 84.63% items collected but have done everything?Cplus44107/9 12:26AM
Is Charlotte's stockings above her knees or below it?Radebu67/8 1:50PM
Strongest Dual crush.lod766/10 12:01AM
Does the push ability get upgraded ?magiceddie0556/8 4:12AM
Leveling up vampire killer help.magiceddie0556/6 10:17AM
Question about a certain spell related to vampire killer.magiceddie0536/4 8:49AM
I like how unlike other Metroidvanias, PoR doesn't specialize in whips or swordsslk_2344/5 5:17AM
Sister's Mode Map Completionsquallhighwind33/25 8:13PM
I made edits of Darth Nemesis' maps to include HP/MP Max Up locationsIfOnlyForOnce53/23 11:25AM
Dawn of Sorrow Hard Mode Lv.1 Cap (including Julius Mode) - via AR CodesMetastase13/10 7:27AM
New tactic for the Nest of Evil room with the two CreaturesVlugge_Japie33/5 3:57AM
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