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User Info: Questioner7311

6 years ago#1
It only came with these right? (the game wasn't inside, right?)

a soundtrack CD containing songs from the Castlevania series

a timeline poster covering many of the significant characters and events of Castlevania history

a 48-page art book containing artwork from the entire series

a clear/white game case designed to hold both Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

an extendable stylus

Thank You

User Info: Aftermathrar

6 years ago#2
Yep, that's all I remember getting. Had a box that all of those were in, but it wasn't anything you'd keep.

The game case had a Castlevania 20th Anniversary logo, as did the stylus.

User Info: Bonovox_40

6 years ago#3
Why wouldn't you want to keep the box it came in? It was a long black case with a imitation red wax seal of the castlevania bat wings and cross, with velcro to keep it shut. Also everything fit inside nicely and had a little template inlay for the soundtrack to fit inside.

It was sweet. I ended up getting the last one at a small gamestop because they were sent 1 to many. I found out about this a week before the game came out and it was too late to preorder and get this. Had to hunt for hours to find a place that had one the day it came out. Soundtrack is great (but you can still find .mp3's of everything) I remember people paying quite a bit just for the bonus box stuff and not even the game! Best part was it was free with the game, and it's a great game to boot!
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