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Strongest Dual crush.lod766/10 12:01AM
Does the push ability get upgraded ?magiceddie0556/8 4:12AM
Leveling up vampire killer help.magiceddie0556/6 10:17AM
Question about a certain spell related to vampire killer.magiceddie0536/4 8:49AM
I like how unlike other Metroidvanias, PoR doesn't specialize in whips or swordsslk_2344/5 5:17AM
Sister's Mode Map Completionsquallhighwind33/25 8:13PM
I made edits of Darth Nemesis' maps to include HP/MP Max Up locationsIfOnlyForOnce53/23 11:25AM
Dawn of Sorrow Hard Mode Lv.1 Cap (including Julius Mode) - via AR CodesMetastase13/10 7:27AM
New tactic for the Nest of Evil room with the two CreaturesVlugge_Japie33/5 3:57AM
Does it matter if the Shaman ring is equipped by your partner?Vlugge_Japie22/28 3:56AM
[Richiter mode] Reach top of the elevator near death at the start of the game?Vlugge_Japie12/26 8:56AM
Can you get your attack power past 99?ok_c0mputer42/20 7:40PM
Does the song The Gears Go Awry make climbing the clock tower seem like the end?slk_2311/1 10:48AM
Beaten Old Axe mode on lvl 1 on a real DS!! (with New Game+-glitch though)Torak312/22 10:40AM
Great game!
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Ayredden832312/10 6:53PM
Isn't it strange how Wind's theme (Operation VK) sounds like a gigantic fanfare?slk_23511/30 11:09PM
Just how much hp does The Whip Memory have?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Zero_Maniac1211/13 5:56AM
Easy Gold?Shadow_Kunoichi411/9 10:54PM
Level 50 cap Glitch?14474216/25/2015
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