The random class challenge ._.

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8 years ago#1
White Mage challenge+whacking Liquid Flame for 30 minutes=this.
Basically, a random number generator picks your classes, and you have to finish the game with them, no Mime, no switching to Freelancer, etc.

Here are the numbers and classes:
Knight 0/20/40
Monk 1/21/41
Thief 2/22/42
Dragoon 3/23/43
Ninja 4/24/44
Samurai 5/25/45
Berserker 6/26/46
Ranger 7/27/47
Mystic Knight 8/28/48
White Mage 9/29/49
Black Mage 10/30/50
Time Mage 11/31/51
Summoner 12/32/52
Blue Mage 13/33/53
Red Mage 14/34/54
Beastmaster 15/35/55
Chemist 16/36/56-If you get this, pick again or don't use Mix. You could atleast maintain some of the word "challenge", right?
Geomancer 17/37/57
Bard 18/38/58
Dancer 19/39/59

Level caps:
World 1: 30
World 2: 50
World 3: 60
Final boss: 65, if more than 1 char are Berserker/Bard/Dancer/Thief, no limit.
Bonus dungeon: Do if you want, no limit obviously. Challenge is completed once you beat the final boss.

Other rules: No using weapons in battle. That means no rod breaking, no hasting Masamune, reset with Wonder Wand, protect with Defender and so on.

If you don't have the classes yet, you can either hack them in using codes or play the game like normal until Fire Ship, after Karnak Castle you have to switch the classes you have in and the ones you don't have to be Bare until you get them.
If you happen to get Samurai, you can use a max of 1 Zeninage per battle.

Random number generator link:
Put in "Generate 4 numbers between 0 and 59"

Parties generated so far:
Ninja, Geomancer, Monk, Dancer
8 years ago#2
Do you change all characters to the same class or just one?
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8 years ago#3
Just one.
Got past Byblos after 4 game overs, 2 wasted shurikens and even threw the weapon on my Ninja.
8 years ago#4
Just randomed up.

Black Mage
Mystic Knight

I like the sound of this party. Also, it is pretty decent in terms of sprites I like. Bartz's Dragoon, Faris' Monk, and Lenna's Mystic Knight are all pretty awesome. Galuf's Black Mage is okay, and I pretty much hate all of Krile's sprites too.
8 years ago#5
Hmm. Monk, Bard, Blue Mage, and Summoner. This'll be interesting...
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8 years ago#6
I have a question. When you say, play as normal until Karnak, then Bare, do the people who can't get into their class at Karnak get the abilities they've learned beforehand until they get their respective classes?
I sleep in a cave in the Palace of Wisdom. Member of the Indigo Dreamchaser Society.
8 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
8 years ago#8
^ he means if you don't have those crystal shards for that class your supposed to be just use a freelancer.

Also how does one go about generating these numbers "randomly?"
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8 years ago#9
I used codes to get all the jobs from the beginning and my party as been really easy so far, as expected. Wing Raptor went down in 2 rounds, Siren got owned by Fire Sword and Fire once she turned undead, Magissa died before calling Forza, the first time I've seen that happen.

I got the Elven Mantle from Walse Castle too. It took a few tries, but I got it after being slaughtered twice.

Also how does one go about generating these numbers "randomly?"

There's a link at the bottom of the opening post to a random number generator.
8 years ago#10
Archeoavis was easy, still had Faris as a Freelancer allowed to use the Healing Rod, Gaia and Scrolls killed him easy.
Gilgamesh 2 is a bit harder....Jump hurts without Protect or healers, and he casts Protect and Haste on himself....
Gotta waste more shurikens probably.
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