The random class challenge ._.

#111EinofrivieraPosted 7/23/2009 9:51:59 PM
Well for starters, Gladiator would have been best on Farris, since I know what is resistant to fire. Having enemies absorb Bartz' Air Finisher is a pain in the Butz! (lol fan translation verson)
Cannoneer is slightly overpowered with !Open Fire, but thankfully you can't get the !Combine ingredients for quite some time, and Open Fire is loosing it's effect on bosses. Its still a great random battle killer though.
And nothing to say about the two mages. They are just normal.
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6 20 10 59

Random numbers generated Jul 26 2009 at 15:10:23 by
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Black Mage

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I really should pick up my challenge save again. I'm like, right there...
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Whew. Finally done. Losing interest for ~5 months can really motivate you to finish. I also learned something today: When you finish the game in a job class, they'll use one of their class abilities at the end instead of !Lance(Harp vs. Gilgamesh was awesome for some reason. Here are some of my "best of" pics(note that the reason Faris and Krile have more abilities learned would be because I used them in various classes until I entered Karnak, as per the rules):

Me getting Mighty Guard the hard way(as seen earlier in the topic):

Me getting killed on the way out after getting Mighty Guard the hard way(luckily I could save it at the castle):

Me going on an alternate dimensional road trip with Galuf while I was taking a break from the challenge:

The Hulkster tries to steal back a car he lost in the divorce, but...

He dies before Doom could kill off the last piece. Thank you Hero's Rime, Kaiser Knuckles and !Focus:






By your powers combined - I AM COMPLETED CHALLENGE!

Time to start a new game with...
7 43 6 39
White Mage

Thank you folks very much for either bearing with or ignoring my stupidity.
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By the way, what were the codes for all classes available?

I used to have them a while back since I did a solo Necromancer challenge once, but can't find them now.
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#116ArmengardPosted 8/9/2009 5:21:43 PM
These are the codes for the Action Replay, though they work with the Codebreaker option on my VBA too.


All Jobs Unlocked

They aren't too hard to find though, so if you've already found them, disregard this.
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#117Gene195Posted 8/10/2009 7:11:59 AM
Here's some gameshark versions they also work on VBA just enter them as gameshark instead.

[M] Must Be On


Have all Jobs