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4 years ago#11
Finally have 99 power staffs, and also got 30 judgement staffs too. Lost count of the poison rods. Had to kill 1569 black warlocks to get that many.
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4 years ago#12
Just getting through world 3 now. Covert has a common ninja suit and rare black cowl to steal, if anybody cares. Took FOREVER to get that 2nd Kornago gourd but got the third gold hairpin from Gogo really quick.
I'm cool, I'm cocky, I'm bad!
4 years ago#13
My game is stuck at trying to get the Ash from the tree guardians. I slayed about 1800 Metamorps to get the Staffs of Light
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4 years ago#14
The "random" numbers in the game are procedurally generated, which means that in practice you get a list. There simply may not be four consecutive numbers that cause ash drops. In fact, given the complete lack of topics mentioning three ash drops, I can't say with confidence that they're possible either.

Luckily, the odds of exactly two ashes dropping is about 4.12%, which is a little less than 1/20. (Doing the math for four or more ashes dropping doesn't push the total above 5%, which hammers home just how low the odds would be even if the RNG were fully random.) So going for at least two is a grind, but not an unreasonable one.
4 years ago#15
I remember one time winning 2 death sickles and 1 speed shake in one fight. 3 should be possible.

I've now just worked my way up to Exdeath. Will probably take out Omega and Shinryu next.
I'm cool, I'm cocky, I'm bad!
4 years ago#16
I'm doing a PG. Have gone through maxing the stuff that isn't purchasable. I'm in the second world, in Ghido's cave in the room where there is a 16/256 dark aspis probability and the rest are metamorphs, collecting light staffs. I only have 1 so far with 34 kills. Only got 50 spears from the jail bears, going to wait till Exdeath's castle to do the rest.
4 years ago#17
Staffs of Light x99!

Had an incredible run of luck in the last 25, ending with 1374 Metamorphs slain. I've just finished with the Seal Guardians, and settled for 2 ash, which took approx. 35 resets to get. I did some more resets after (20 or so) but didn't get any greater than 1 ash to drop. I wonder if anyone's gotten a x3 drop before - how many attempts would be required for that? Now I'm heading over to mess with Gilgame, then to finish Spears.
4 years ago#18
Uneasy with the low number of Seal Guardian Ash drop attempts I made, I went back and did some more. After 5 days of trying, today I got a x3 drop, so I can confirm that it's possible. I'm satisfied with this, and am now moving on to steal the remaining 50 Spears I need from the Shell Bears, then triggering ExDeath's castle proper to make a start on Power Staffs.
4 years ago#19
congrats on the 3x drop. I haven't been playing much...protected rare steals are very annoying.
I'm cool, I'm cocky, I'm bad!

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