The no spend/limited item challenge **very few spoilers**

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Hi boys and girls! Looks like itís time for another run through the masterpiece that is FFV.

And do I ever have a challenge for you, yes you. It makes this game, the one you know and love, absolutely nerve racking. This challenge is so good, it motivated me to sign up to gamefaqs and write this post!


I asked myself, is it possible to get through the game without spending one single gold piece. No items, no inns, no white/black/time spells! No nothing!

Unfortunately, it was surprisingly easy. The Thief inevitably becomes your merchant, acquiring all the gear and consumables you need. It is fun and different, and I encourage you to see for yourself.

However, this year Iím doing the No Spend + Limited Item Challenge. And itís not for the feint of heart.

Let me explain:
-No spending money at any shop/inn or with any NPC
-No using the !GPToss skill
-No use of the Thief, ever
-No use of the Thief Knife etc..

However, because Iíve gone through most of it once before, Iím going to add some other stipulations:
-No accepting random enemies' dropped items. (Sound crazy doesnít it? Seriously, even the game asks: ďÖReally?Ē)
-No talking about fight club
-No Bard (heíll get you out of all the jams)
-No Lvl ? spells (too quick and dirty on some bosses)
-No Death Claw (same)
-No Rod Breaking (same)
-No game breaking with the Chemistís abilities (same)
-No Save State (walk bro)
-100% treasure looting (have fun in Karnak)

Up to now I have these three provision:
-No item use, period?
-No over leveling?
-No 0xp +ABP grinding (no stalking skull eaters, shield dragons or movers grinding)?

That last three may be too muchÖ But so far itís been working. But if it gets too tough Iíll drop some or all of them. I had to add in the no randomly dropped items, because I found myself hording tents and death sickles. The nice thing is, if anyone else tries this challenge, all the gear is predictable for everyone's playthough.


Iíve been a long time reader of gamefaqs, specifically articles related to this beast of a game. I remember reading an old EGM magazine article at a dentistís office that said, ďHey readers: Do you love FF2 and FF3? Did you know thereís a game in between those two! Too bad for you, itís not coming out on the SNES!!Ē Well Iíd like to take a moment to thank everyone involved in getting it out of Japan in its various incarnations! Iím playing the GBA version of this game BTW.

Itís funny, the whole reason I started reading gamefaqs was to plan my characters jobs with the help of the JValjean FAQ.

That being said, Iíd like to invite the community to try this one out with me!
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(Fill in later)
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The really fresh thing about playing like this is:

-Some of the early bosses become laughably easy.
(There is a crazy easy set-up to beat Shiva and the dogs right when you meet her, no ifritÖ no long/mythril swords)

-While some levels are jokes, others became ridiculous hard. I mean, has anyone ever really feared Toad in this game? Or Stone? What chya gonna do you do when youíve got no white spells, 2 maidens kisses and 1 golden pin? Prayers? Vitamins? Chicken Knife?

-You end up with some ridiculous class combos for boss battles

-And you find your self asking:
Who do I give the knife to? (Lennaís Knife that is)
Whoís gonna be walking barefoot?
Do I wait to get flash? (hell no, gotta get everything ASAFP!) ÖBut seriously, 1 pair of silver specs and no eye-dropsÖ it ainít easy! (Especially if youíre too lazy to walk back to the wind shrineÖ)

But to me, the best has been some of the seemingly trivial questions Iíve been forced to think about in this almost 20 year old game. And I mean careful consideration here. Boss battles for instance: Which form do I kill Siren in? Which form do I kill Liquid Flame in? And how??


Right now (4h 15m inÖ it seems to go much faster than a standard run), some how, Iíve acquired the First 3 Fire Crystal jobs. (with 17 seconds leftÖ and all the chestsÖ on the 4th tryÖ while learning doom claw and aera =))

Everyone is lv.14. The clutch abilities my guys have learned so far are:
And that is all.

No one has Counter (or Chakra), 2Handed or !Blue yet.

Now, between the Trainer, Ninja and Geomancer, Iíve got some decisions to make, and Iíve got a Ranger Job to find. Good thing I got that Fire BowÖ or did I? :p

Iíll post again next week right before I jump to world 2 and hopefully after I figure out how to kill prototype, without using control (if thatís even possible in this set up)
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-While some levels are jokes, others became ridiculous hard. I mean, has anyone ever really feared Toad in this game? Or Stone? What chya gonna do you do when youíve got no white spells, 2 maidens kisses and 1 golden pin? Prayers? Vitamins? Chicken Knife?

But wouldn't you have the Esuna spell, if you are trying to loot all the treasure in Karnak Castle?
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(Fill in later)

Sadly, this won't work on GameFAQs. You can't edit posts that are older than about an hour. Which means I'm actually giving you this advice too late. :(

In other news, the idea of a FFV challenge that bans Bard is just... I mean, academically, I understand that there are things Bard can do which are (under the right circumstances) useful, but... whoa.
I don't like this duchy. Now, it's an adventurer.
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So you mean that the only option we have for survival is items through chests?!

sounds fun XD. ill try it after finishing the 2-class run i've been doing.

I'm Ok with no stealing but removing ABP grinding and Level # spells is a bit harsh :(

What would we do against Exdeath at his castle? or the Sol-Cannon.

just give me Level 5 death and I'm golden :p

Edit: you should allow drops since well...... how do you heal yourself... *realizes*

this'll be done on the GBA version right?
Welcome! If you're going to be traveling in these parts, I'd
recommend a Flame Shield.
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Thanks for the responses!

@silktail, I was referring to the parts before Esuna. Itís such a weird feeling to play an FF game and say, does my main fighter really need those eye-drops? Generally in my play through I buy a dozen of each item and youíre pretty much set till the end, then it's just mana and tents.

@MalcolmMasher, I was trying to make a FFVe translated rom joke :p (I actually liked the story better when half the dialog was missing, and the boss battle speeches were in Japanese!)
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@MMSMB, Yeah GBA, I thought they did a great job on the sealed temple and Iím excited to get in there with my 4 peasants!

Iíll PM you. There is a boss that I'm dreading in between those two.
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Ignore my last post since this is a no-item drop challenge. We'll need every item we get
Welcome! If you're going to be traveling in these parts, I'd
recommend a Flame Shield.