Transfusion blue magic

#1rmac5Posted 4/25/2013 1:20:55 PM
OK this is probably stupid, but here goes:

I am trying to get transfusion through the the monster in the ship yard (begins with a c and looks like a funky white cloud). I cast "confusion" on it. It does transfusion and dies but nothing happens. I have "learning" on my one blue mage. When the monster does transfusion, there is no indication that it is casting it on any pen person.

So, what am I doing wrong? Thx
#2rmac5(Topic Creator)Posted 4/25/2013 1:50:52 PM
Well, I just got the spell. I guess the cloud thing does target a person. I just don't see any indication of it.
#3DigitalDicePosted 4/25/2013 3:07:09 PM
Blue spells are learned at the end of combat. You can usually tell if a character with Learning got hit like you expected, but for Transfusion it's rather subtle. You have to keep an eye on your HP/MP scores.
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