RB1 doesnt play EVER in qtr 4

#1lightninglarryPosted 6/21/2009 6:47:31 AM
Started using my Titans, and drafted Reggie Bush. Clearly hes my starter, my backup Henry gets a lot of carries as well as I guess Bush gets tired.

First question is Bush NEVER rushes the ball in the 4th qtr, Its set up that hes even my 3rd down RB. Henry and Drew(3rd string) are the only ones who ever rush the ball. However, when I do look at the players fatigue, bush does get tired somehow. Is it possible Bush is running the ball just a glitch on the jersey number/name? Im about 96 percent sure he would not be playing any other position. Seems Bush gets tired after I run the ball, but so does the normal guy, henry or drew. Just wierd in crunch time I can not use my best player.

Was able to win the SB though thankfully. 13-3 in my first yr(should have been 14-2, mental lapse)

secondary question, possible to build up your players stamina better? Like I said i pound the rock, and Bush comes out more than I would like to get spelled by the backups.

Thanks in advance.