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Something is bothering me about the last case (Spoilers)
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Nintendo_Porn419/26 10:34PM
Anyone know where I can buy Klavier's necklace? (Archived)GinAndVodka28/21 11:50AM
Language options for PAL version? (Archived)PhoenixBaggi17/29 5:38AM
Would a "self-defense" decision ever fly in these games? (Archived)KarsUltimate27/28 8:19PM
How does that prove Machi is playing one-handed? (Archived)SheenavsKilley26/25 5:05AM
People who lack a 3DS, unite! (Archived)Sheershaw253/23 8:03PM
Case 3 Problems *Spoilers* (Archived)BlinkyDrakkin23/5 5:05PM
My god, the third case (Archived)Yengeon52/18 11:03AM
Just beat the game... ***POSSIBLE SPOILERS DOWN THE LINE*** (Archived)MKhushrenada21/19 6:21AM
Drew Misham/Vera Misham (Archived)EvanescentBlade211/8 6:27PM
1st Case (Archived)Genshrooms29/7/2013
Game Doesn't Save After Last Case (Archived)Execute_Robot15/22/2013
Ace Attorneys on sales now (Archived)singapore pokemonfan15/8/2013
The final case was disappointing. *spoilers* (Archived)yoshi00624/5/2013
Anyone else feel Case 1 overstayed its welcome? (Archived)yoshi00673/22/2013
He's baaaacccckkkkk (Archived)Dave52153/20/2013
I have been heavily spoiled. *spoilers ahead* (Archived)englishhedgehog33/9/2013
If you don't know where Borginia is... (Archived)Haste_221/25/2013
Do people hate this game that much? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
So, about all of the hate on Apollo. . .(may contain spoilers) (Archived)
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