Where's Maya and Pearly??????????????????

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I just finished playing Apollo. Im glad that they had phoenix involved in the story but in the back of my mind i was thinking yo wat happened to maya and pearly. I miss them. was hoping they would have some type of story for them too but they didnt mention them at all.
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Dead. Eaten by wolves.

(Try examining the stack of DVDs in Phoenix's hospital room in case two.)
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I'm gonna assume they were
SPOILERS for case 4
jurists for case 4, and I'm gonna be satisfied with that.
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Off at the newly fluorescing Kurain village?

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I think they were eaten by wolves.
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when will people understand that this isn't meant to be a direct sequel to PW.
they weren't even planning on putting phoenix in (they were gonna have some random lawyer...)

this is meant to be a whole new story with whole new characters
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It's a conceptual AU, after 1-5.(1-5 was a new gen case made only for the DS rerelease with a new gen producer. Original 1-3 had a different producer in their original GBA release.) Instead of GS2 and 3 in this conceptual timeline, 2 hypothetical years as a lawyer happened for Phoenix and the 'flashback trial' (as in 4-4) happened at an arbitrary timepoint 2 months after '3-5' was on the old timeline.

Maya never developed beyond her 1-5 timepoint, where she 'left' to train. I guess she's still there.
Pearl doesn't exist. Edgeworth 'disappeared overseas' after 1-5, so I guess he's still there too.

We get 'replacements' for their game 1 (note 1-5, NOT game 2 or 3 ) 'roles' to Phoenix. Ironic ones.

Edgeworth, game 1: My friend who was the ONLY ONE who stood up for me in class peer trial. We suspected he did bad stuff and forged evidence, but I think he might be a good guy really and not a murderer.
GS4. Meet Kristoph: Friend who was THE ONLY ONE who stood up for me in [class] peer Bar Assn trial. I suspect he did bad stuff and forged evidence, but maybe he's not really a murderer. (I'm older so I'm less trusting now though, but there's no evidence yet)

That kind of puts an ironic spin on game 1, doesn't it!

Now Maya is slightly less obvious as in the 1-5 they wrote, she's already got her 'role' temporarily filled by Ema. But yes. The writers see game 1 Maya as just a 'role' in Phoenix's life which can be filled already (except that 1-5 did handle it plausibly and temporarily.):

Game 1 Maya: Young girl involved in crime not her fault, older sibling who is lawyer. Parents dead/missing. I want to save her and 'look after' her.
1-5 Ema: Young girl involved in crime not her fault, older sibling who is prosecutor. Parents dead. I want to save her.
GS4 Trucy: Young girl involved in crime not her fault, older sibling is lawyer. Parents dead/missing. I want to save her and look after her (Since I'm older, I can 'look after' her more now.)

Like Kristoph to Edgeworth, Trucy is an ironic spin on Maya's game 1 role - Maya gives Phoenix the decisive evidence in 1-4 (bullet) to WIN the case, Trucy gives him the FORGED evidence to LOSE his career.

Even by game 2, Maya and Edgeworth develop into something totally different to Phoenix - people who HELP him, are LOYAL and would NEVER ABANDON him, and Edgworth at least wield significant power in legal circles to help Pheonix in 3-5 (even gets special trial with judge and prosecutor of his choosing!) These are not the characters existing in this AU. GS2 and 3 didn't happen in this new alternate scenario post-1-5.

If the above 'new story is an alternate timeline scenario' is incorrect, and it is supposedly a folow-up to the 3-5 timeline reality, then game 2 and 3's character development were simply officially ret-coned and Maya and Edgeworth's relationship to Phoenix reset to 1-5 status. Unfortunately, I think it was marketed as such?
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^I really think you're looking into it too much.

I don't buy the "1-5 could be a Au!" idea at all because it's just a shoddy excuse to write off AJ. Don't get me wrong, I was annoyed to discover what happened to Phoenix (which I wouldn't mind as much...IF IT HAD BEEN A FEW YEARS LATER AT LEAST) but I think trying to dismiss the game as an AU now that it's already in print is a waste. I think the simplest explanation to give is simple 1. case made after the initial three so it's understandable tit isn't referenced. 2. In a game featuring a new character when they initially didn't want Phoenix until they got pressured do you REALLY expect them to drag along every. single. old. character that was in the original trilogy? No, because unless it has a point in the plot it's worthless from a writer POV.

And secondly, I wouldn't say that characters like Maya and Pearl don't exist simply because they don't play a role in the game. I've never seen parts of the world doesn't mean they don't exist but I know they're there. I mean, the DVDs Phoenix gets in 4-2 and the comment about how they're from someone like a "kid" and is smiling cryptically when Apollo asks if he means a niece or a nephew. The fact Maya knew about Phoenix's condition so soon means they're probably still in contact.

THirdly, as for your "the roles of Phoenix's life can simply be filled" the way I see it, the Maya similarities of the aids don't go with just "replacing Maya" but having someone similar to that in general. GK's keygirl, who based on the scans will be helping out Edgeworth, looks like she'll fit into the "young, cheerful girl sidekick" category. Though tbh, I am grateful to what they did to Ema in a way in 4-4 because it gives her more character. Unless they're replacing EVERYONE in his life (Larry, Pearl, Franziska, Gumshoe-wait, he was there-the judge-still there, Maya-hinted to still be there, Old Bag-hinted to be there in the back ground, etc.) than I wouldn't back this argument.

Oh, and here's my explanation for Maya's absence. In 3-5, she said she'd be working hard to be both an assistant to Phoenix and Master but let's be honest, going back and forth and constantly taking days off to help as someone's aid while being in charge of a village tradition is not going to work well. Misty had an excuse but with her gone and Morgan gone and the Master new, you can bet that Maya would have to work to prove to the other branch families she could do the job. At the end of 3-5, Bikini says that the Kurain style is starting to fluoresce again now that the truth came out so that means the village is going to be busy. The main viable help I could see Maya giving Phoenix (or at least, if Phoenix hadn't lost his badge) would not be as a full time aid like in the original three but rather helping on occasion.

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^Forgot to add, Larry's in AJ too. He's in a background pic at the coliseum so he's still around.

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^More for continuity, last time I swear, of nods to previous games.
-Gumshoe's coat in the flashback trial is the one Maggie gave him.
-The DVDs sent to Phoenix are for include the Nickel Samurai.

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