How do I get my Tyrael wings?

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4 years ago#1
I put the CE on my account, but I don't see the wings anywhere.
4 years ago#2
Haven't done it yet myself...are they in the shared stash maybe?
4 years ago#3
4 years ago#4
4 years ago#5
My brother had it in his inventory when he started the game.
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4 years ago#6
I've been digging around in the forums over at

Try making a new character? These posts seem to imply that it's an item that sits in your inventory upon character creation.

Edit: Post from Bashiok (talking about buying the CE and upgrading)

He talks briefly about how, if you bought the digital game to play at midnight AND a ce, that if you upgrade your acct, you SHOULD be able to contact customer support, and they'll generate a generic key that you could give to a friend (so your friend could have the base game, as a gift)

He goes on later to say that if you, for example, buy the game, make a monk, get to 15, then later upgrade to the CE the dyes and wings should be tradeable through the shared stash. So even if that character didn't start with them (because he wasn't a CE toon, initially) and even if the game fails to recognize him later AS a CE toon (after you upgrade) you should be able to make a new toon and just give the monk the stuff from your new toon. Then delete the new toon.

Sooo...try that? Does that help in any way?
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  3. How do I get my Tyrael wings?

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