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5 years ago#1
Why doesn't anyone care about that anymore? Oh no, the terrible trading system from D2 is gone! Who cares?
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5 years ago#2
It's just the expected doomsday/boycott chanting that comes with any announcement about a game that people want to be exactly like they think it should be (especially if it has a well-known prequel, like in this case).

They'll get over it in a week and get hyped up again.
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5 years ago#3

I hate to say this, but after 4 years of Diablo 2, "amazing story" really factored in very little to my overall enjoyment of the game.

If you consider a game's life as 2 phases, initiation and maintenance, then "amazing story" will have a significant impact on initiation (eg. whether I actually buy the game), but it's going to have little impact on whether or not I play for years and years after I buy a game (the maintenance phase). Are you honestly going to sit through every single bit of dialog 50x over 4-5 years of the game's lifetime? Do you read the same book 30x over 4-5 years? Probably not...

An auction house, on the other hand, affects gameplay in a significant way. Will the people I pvp have gear they found through luck and hard work, or did they simply buy it - will I be able to compete if I don't spend money? How easy is it for me to make money off of this AH? How prevalent will bots/hacks be? These are questions that affect the maintenance portion of the game, which, for me, is 90% of the game's lifetime.

At the moment, I'm on the fence regarding the AH since I don't have enough info on it. I'm more worried about the lack of skill points, lack of stat points, instant & unlimited respeccing, among other things...
5 years ago#4
The story is what is driving me for THIS game though. With how D2 ended, I am very interested in what the story can turn out to be. I don't know how anyone can NOT be interested.

"Are you honestly going to sit through every single bit of dialog 50x over 4-5 years of the game's lifetime?"

No, I'll play through it as my Wizard and listen to the story. On other characters, I'll play to enjoy the game using new spells and what not. Do I read the same books? Yes. I love reading books. Obviously I don't read the same exact book 30 times in a ROW. I've read several books multiple times though. Like the Diablo books. I'll be reading them again today.

As for the Auction House, people are apparently oblivious to D2. You do realize there were reliable sites you could buy gear from, right? My friend bought a lot of his gear back in D2 because he didn't want to spend 100 hours doing MF runs. So this whole "did they earn it or buy it" is BS because it happened in D2. As for bots/hacks, Blizzard will do their best to make sure they don't get in.

People are taking small things and blowing it out of proportion, especially the AH thing. Like I said above, people bought stuff in D2 with real money, they simply did it on sites. Blizzard is taking that and just putting it into their game.
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