I'm so annoyed with people mispronouncing the name

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djruden posted...

Get off your high horse and realize the game can say it however they want. Diablo is the name of the character in the game therefore you won't find it in any dictionary or google pronunciation thing. It is said how the game makers intend it to be said.

Wow internet tough guy, too bad you can find it in dictionaries and in google translate you type your words in. let me guess you go to school in Indiana too? Lol
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Sickening that this troll topic was successful.
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sirkakkarot posted...
Sickening that this troll topic was successful.

I lose more faith in humanity every time someone bumps this thread.

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How exactly does the 'can my computer run this' have more posts than this thread? Good god people, get your priorities straight.

This so much this.
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I am ready for tonights event at Gamestop. I have my laptop on google translate and pennies to throw at the console peasants buying max payne.
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toe may toe

toe mah toe
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The pesky game keeps trying to call it "dee-A-blow" (with an A like "at" or "hamper" but I know it is pronounced like "dye-blue" and the "a" is silent.
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turbogoon posted...
Defilade posted...
Neither of those pronunciations are correct OP.

How is it pronounced? I have my masters in english I'm a pro at pronunciation.

Why would an English masters ( I got mine in elementary school, yes seriously) help you pronounce a Spanish word? ( I am also bilingual)
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So many trolled, so little time. Anyone else?

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who the **** cares, and yeah its Dee Ahh blow, suck it.