You get an uber rare drop, but for a different class then your currently playing

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3 years ago#1
D3 is going to take rarity to a whole new level. The best items will drop rarely even in inferno, the number of bonuses it has is random, which bonuses it has is random (by inferno from a long list) and the range of each bonus is quite large at that point.

This means a uber rare item may have a drop rate of 1/5,000,000,000 or less. One in 5 billion seems like alot, but it looks like there are going to be at least 100,000 people playing d3 at a time on average, pretty fast (at least from pre-orders etc). That means each of them only needs about 5000 drops total to eventually reach the 5 billion number where on average you should get one of that uber item (and of course there are many different uber items that could drop besides that). get one. It's a uber rare piece of equipment that your class can not use.

Do you:

A: roll a new character of the right class to use it.
B: Toss it in your stash to use later
C: Sell it for a Gazzilion gold on the AH
D. Sell in on the RMAH and try and get some decent money off it?

For C and D, do you use that profit to purchase a uber rare item for your class....or do you cash out in the RMAH case (or save the gold in the AH case).

For me, I would probably try selling it on the RMAH and let the money go to my battlenet account....using it to purchase future once more of them are available and the cost has gone down. If you get one of the first uber rare'll probably be worth alot more then they will cost later (when there are 10+ available now). So i'd sell early and high...and wait till later to purchase anything. I also might save the cash for expansions.
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3 years ago#2
D. easily if im still leveling or just started lvl 60 stuff on my WD(1st char). Prob going to sell anything I or my follower dont need.
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3 years ago#3
me) Trade the über virtual item for a real ice-cold beer.

And just to point it out: The drops are not completely random. The high level items will drop mostly from difficult enemies, so it's not just a matter of anyone having 5.000 drops.

Think about the zod rune, for instance. You wouldn't get it by killing imps.
3 years ago#4
B, then A.

I'm a collector, not a seller.
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3 years ago#5

I'll enjoy it later when I try another class. Every intention of playing each one to 60 and beyond.
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3 years ago#6
Either B or C depending on a bunch of things (how much I want to play that class, is there a different ultra rare item I would want instead, am I currently really focused on one character, etc.).

Edit: Or, if the gold AH really doesn't end up being used for items that rare, I'd try for a direct item-for-item trade.
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3 years ago#7
Totally agree one that... with only one difference: I wouldn't aim for buying any uber rares for my class. XD
I don't expect earning much money through the RMAH btw. since I wasn't very lucky back in Diablo 2 when it came to finding rare stuff.

Gold for rare Items is no option for me in that case.
Keeping it for later isn't worth it for me either anymore, since the worth of Items will drop for sure anyway.
Making a character just for this uber rare (meaning the character would most probably have to be Level 60 and somewhere in Inferno to make use of it) might be to time consuming. I'll get everyone to level 60 anyway, but not within days or weeks or even few months... rather 6-7 months (till then the worth of items will be a lot different, patches might have changed something etc.).
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3 years ago#8
Probably B, then D.
3 years ago#9
Probably just stash it, if the price is good I would sell it on the RMAH, but I don't plan on cashing out until I am basically done playing D3. I would just use the money I made on the item to buy items I actually wanted rather than getting $15 or whatever in Paypal.

I suspect that gold will quickly become useless, so I plan to sell my big items for real cash so that it retains value rather than suffering the massive inflation that gold will see. This is why in D2 SOJs became the currency, because gold had such massive inflation it was useless.
3 years ago#10
Personally, depending on the class, I might opt for A. I figure that since I will be maxing each class regardless, it seems like a great opportunity. That is unless gold seems even more valuable than what we are speculating. I may just go with C in that case.
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