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3 years ago#1
We are so close to the release date and I am bewildered over what I must chose from the 2 classes, Barbarian and Witch Doctor. I used to play necromancer so Witch Doctor seems to be a viable fit but the Barbarian this time around looks really impressive with constant amounts of hacking through hordes of demons along with the neat physics adds to the excitement. What class among the 2 do you think may have a more lasting effect and which one do you think would be more impressive. Your thoughts about the characters could help me decide. Have seen the spotlight videos and both seem to be impressive. I liked that the Necromancer had a good amount of survivability though I am not sure about the difference in balance between the WD and Barb in terms of survivability.

Some of what I like about the 2 classes:
-Heavy Armor Defense and tough look(Barbarian sets look impressive)
-Force and Impact on Attacks adds to the invigorating feel when hacking through monsters.
-Looks great with D3 physics. (Bodies strewn everywhere)
-Do not have to run away from being hit.
-Satisfying but sort of annoys me that a great number of people will be playing it (that may subside as I play it).

Witch Doctor:
-(Necromancer concept) Summon beasts that aid you and prevents you from being hit.
-Magic Spells are visually appealing and Dark Evil theme.
- Probably has a better chance in surviving later difficulties (Inferno & Hell)
- More innovation and Novelty besides the same Barbarian.

I am leaning a bit more towards barbarian, but I want to be sure about my choice. Would be great to hear everyone's opinions about their own choices and hopefully gain information out of it.
3 years ago#2
After watching a few videos on the Witch Doctor, I'm sold on that class. Being that my favorite class from D2 was the Necromancer, this guy looks like a very nice upgrade from that class, plus even more devious spells. I like the "Voodoo" vibe of all the skills, and his armor sets are just wicked.
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3 years ago#3
Im playing Witch Doctor first, prob saving any sweet Barbarian gear cause im definitely playing that second.
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3 years ago#4
In general the barbarian will both kill faster and move much faster then the witch doctor. Long term a run from a barbarian will probably take much less time then a run from a WD.

The WD though should be able to avoid a TON more damage then the barbarian due to all your pets, CC options and your abilities being ranged based.

So your far more likely to spend alot of gold repairing as a barb, but at the same time your far more likely to do runs and kill faster as the barbarian.

I'd be willing to bet that the barbarian is FAR more equipment dependent because of this then the WD is.

Either is a good choice though. Playing it safe and go with the WD, or go for the challenge and long term potential (of faster loot gathering) and go with the barb.

Or just go with the one that interests you the most.
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3 years ago#5
Everyone should go barb so my witch doctor equipment will stay relatively cheap and easy to come by. Thaaanks.
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3 years ago#6
Every class is pretty much equipment dependent, seeing how most skills damage and effectiveness is based upon weapon damage.
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3 years ago#7
Personally im going with the Witchdoctor. I always loved the necro from diablo 2 so this is just a classic fit for me.

And after playing beta and finding a little voodoo doll that equips in my offhand which raises stats, Im totally sold.
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3 years ago#8
I kinda like the Barb physically using the equips I find so that's gonna be my first choice.
3 years ago#9
Thought i was gonna go witchdoctor then i played the beta. Couldn't stand the class. Played a barb and loved it.
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3 years ago#10

Play the one you have most amount of fun with.

When I played ranged characters, I almost didn't feel anything, but when I switched to close combat characters, I was screaming "f*yeah."

This isn't about which character is better, but which you enjoy the most and everybody enjoys differently.

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