What is a D2 'True Fan'

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I have a feeling I'm going to offend many who believe they are 'True Fans,' but here and now I, as a 'True Fan' will define what it means to be one.

This is not debatable. If you try and debate you can't be a 'True Fan'

A 'True Fan' is someone who has played D2 in every way, each for a long period of time.

The typical pattern occurred this way, though it is not necessary to have followed this pattern exactly.

1) Buy and play D1 and be pleasantly surprised at how great it was. Beat each class, then eventually learn that you could dupe items. Since you outplayed the game and youre bored you decide its Okay. So you find godly items from people who had trainers, such as godly plate of the whale then spend 5-10 minutes practicing how to drop the item, walk away, pick it up and drop it to dupe it. You then proceed to go to other games and show people your duping trick and act awesome.

You never leave town again.

*Important Diablo Life Lesson* - This is where you learn that the other half of Diablo is community and player 2 player interaction/trading. You can't be a 'True Fan' without this experience.

2) Learn that D2 was coming out.
3) Clean your pants
4) Buy D2, fall in love

Start on Open Battle net, because you can import characters from single player and play online. Eventually you learned that open battle net allows trainers. You konw what Jamella is and other great trainers. You enter the PvP scene on Open B.net and perfect your 'hacking ability.'

Then you realize how futile and boring that was and figure out what Closed B.net actually was.

Begin your D2 career.

5) As a 'True Fan' you played every class, but you focused primarily on the Sorceress, but you understood the benefit of having teleport. Using the communication skills you learned from D1, you learned quickly that MF was actually a valuable stat, despite your original assumptions.

Over time, you found the nightmare Meph was the place to go.

6) Your collected items grew, and you knew it was time to trade them. Enter trading channels. Bartucs, Occy's, Titans Revenge, Skullders, Perfect Chance, War Travs, and SoJs became your new best friends.

7) You then took a short break from the Sorceress when you saw how incredibly awesome Javazons were at killing Cows.

8) This continued until the expansion. To summarize, you played heavily, just like always, but built things like:

a) Hammerdins for rushing hell forge (you must have done at least 200 hell runs, and been stiffed by a-holes at least 75% of those runs to be a 'True Fan.' In addition, you must also have screwed over at least 50% of people who rushed YOU.

b) Smiters. After you got your D2JSP bot running, your sorceress suddenly had a plethora of keys. Time to farm those torches.

c) Created your first of many Enigmas.

d) Got 3-4 crappy CTA's before just trading for one.

e) Moved to D2JSP after trading channels vanished, and accumulated more than 1000 FG without investing any money yourself.

9) And finally, be disappointed with D3 in its current state.

If and only if you experienced the above, can you call yourself a 'True Fan'
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you sir have alot of free time
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A "true fan" is just someone that is a fan, truly. If you played and liked D1&2 you are a true fan.
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^ A true fan doesn't know the concept of free time.

You mean time I don't play Diablo 2? Does not compute.
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stopped reading and started laughing at line 2. Any time anyone makes an absolute statement on something without a scientific/mathemathical basis, they're inherently wrong.
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That's oddly specific, OP.

How about: if you are a fan of the Diablo series because you truly enjoyed the games, then you are a true fan.
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brisashi posted...
A "true fan" is just someone that is a fan, truly. If you played and liked D1&2 you are a true fan.

uh no. That makes you a 'fan' and means your opinion on important game concepts is ignorant and irrelevant.

A true fan understands each and every stage that Diablo went through, and can make informed decisions on future changes and implementations.
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a true D2 fan is one that goes with tourchlight 2.... since you know.. D3 is being made by a completely different team.

protip- touchlight 2 is made by most of D2 team, and is the real follow up to D2. I mean unless you want to play the cute little wow version activision is putting out.

*edit* huh so i am a true fan
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I'm pretty sure that if your eyes aren't glowing, then you haven't achieved true fandomô.
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Anyone else realize he listed a ton of expac items that he traded, before he said the expac came out?
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