Deckard Cain *spoilers*

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3 years ago#1
Can't believe he dies :(

Guess they didn't want him to return for the expansion or diablo 4 : /.
3 years ago#2
I hope it was at least a clean quick death. Given what he has done for humanity dying peacefully in bed seems too much to ask but a gruesome death is beneath a man like him.
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3 years ago#3
It seems he was injured from the minions.. I mean really!?

I character that big dying dying to that? What a slap in the face......
3 years ago#4
Honestly, they had no right doing that to Cain. He's a staple of the Diablo series. It would be like Princess Peach being killed by a sleeping piranha plant.
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3 years ago#5
It is tying up loose ends, Blizzard already stated that the story arc from the first 3 Diablo's ends with D3(and expansions).
3 years ago#6
Deckard Cain - "Looks like I... can't stay a while, and listen.."
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3 years ago#7
Yeah, the way he died was pretty nasty, I haven't encountered Maghda yet in person but I'm hoping that she'll suffer a very gruesome fate for what she did.

But I'm also shocked that Blizzard killed him off just like that, I guess they couldn't see him living for another decade or two to chronicle the events of Diablo IV.
3 years ago#8
And now you know why you just right+click to identify items instead of bringing them to him.
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3 years ago#9
He got replaced by his little red riding hood relative.
3 years ago#10
Dude was old in D2, must have been ancient by now. Had to die sometime.

It will be funny if once you get to act 4 Leah says "stay awhile and listen..." every time you talk to her.

Oh, and she grows an epic beard.
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