Wizard or DH? Who is the absolute monster made for insane burst and DPS?

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3 years ago#1
I have a level 54 monk on hell and level 37 barb on NM. I am looking to pick up a third class now that will hopefully satisfy my hunger for insane DPS and bursts that deals tons of damage. I am considering either the wizard or demon hunter.

Who is the strongest class in dealing crazy DPS and able to do well and have a better time on hell / inferno mode?
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
I'm getting high damage with both, but currently I think my DH is higher, Twin Chakram is a fun and high damage skill because of how many you can fire off from your hatred pool. It's an awesome stream of razor blade death

Though, you can get some pretty high damage off wizard, I'm using Electrocute, Arcane Torrent, Hydra and Magic Weapon and doing pretty well
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3 years ago#4
While I can't speak for the DH. I find the wizard to be the better choice in dps since you also have more defensive options available to you making it safer for you to dps effectively.

Disintegrate with diamond skin active for example lets you stand still and beam down a whole group of enemies. Add a 0.90 weapon to that and your arcane power won't go down for at least 20sec. Granted this prolly works less good at hell or higher but so far on act 2 nightmare it's working fine.
3 years ago#5
The DH changes a lot depending on what Runes you have for certain skills. Double Chakram is a great skill which, in some cases, gets outdone by Piercing Arrow when it gets that 3rd rune. But by that time, you've used Double Chakram a plenty. The nice thing though is that DC actually has a wider hit radius while the Piercing Arrow is a thin line so you have to aim your shots more precisely. Both have the benefit of being frugal with hate so you can spam them.

As for safe, even though it has a 30 second cooldown (but no cost), I do like the volley of Arrows. It's basically kind of like the Priestess of the Moon Starfall ability, but with arrows. It hits for a lot of damage over multiple seconds.

Combine that with your Caltrops (third rune, which basically makes them do DOT), and you can run around the place causing some of the strongest guys to drop while you're fully mobile.

The Caltrops will drop the general riff raff alone, but quick with some assistance from your line attacks.

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3 years ago#6
At least up to Nightmare, Wizard. I don't know about Hell and up
3 years ago#7
Demon hunters have the best burst. They just have alot of synergy for burst.

They have a passive that gives them 100% crit for a second to start a fight.

The 1h crossbow and some attack speed would allow them to easiily do 3 attacks in that second and dual weild for stacking crit damage modifiers and socketed emeralds on the weapons.

And they have a rune for impale that doubles crit damage or some instant aoes like multi-shot to spam for that second.

The wizard is better for kiting which is what you'll be doing alot of in inferno.
3 years ago#8
Its kind of a tough call. First impression may lean more in Wizards' favor, but I know some friends who do insane things with DH that honestly make me a little envious to start playing the class.
3 years ago#9
The Wizard and DH are both really close in survivability and dps. Wiz edges out dh in survivability and DH edges out wiz in dps.

DH damage is in general higher, faster and sustainable.
3 years ago#10
Crossbows have the highest damage output of all weapons and Wizards can use them as well. Combined with Archon mode and Improved archon rune and you probably do more DPS then any other class.
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