The Black Rock Ledger?

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4 years ago#1
...What exactly does this do? I picked up 'Page 23' from somewhere and it can't be sold so I haven't gotten rid of it just in case.

Here's the flavor text too:

"Madness, complete bloody madness. The captain has disappeared into the desert somewhere, and the rest of the survivors are convinces there's some sort of monster after us. I'm starting to think the crewmen that died in the wreck got the easy way out, luck bastards."
4 years ago#2
Lost reference.
4 years ago#3
Really? I've never watched Lost, so that'd be why I didn't get it. So, this is probably just taking Stash space.

Thanks for the help.
4 years ago#4
I have no idea if it has a functional purpose but I recognize several of the glaring references to Lost, the Black Rock ship, the number 23, and the monster.
4 years ago#5
i think there are 4 pages in all
4 years ago#6
Cool. Gonna keep it anyway, see if I can find the other pages too. Give me something to try and find while loot gathering.
4 years ago#7
Yeah, I got a page once and never let it go. I want to collect a set. They'll be needed to unlock pandemonium diablo.

Errybody knows that.
Video games don't make people violent... and I'll kill anyone who disagrees!
4 years ago#8
I have two of these so far. Both were found in Act 2 when the ship spawned, with the Miner that gets all blowed up.
4 years ago#9
Just_Haze posted...
i think there are 4 pages in all

It should be six... the Lost numbers are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. But then again, I only have the middle four so I don't know.
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