Something weird with screen going black. Help please?

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I logged on yesterday and played but noticed that it would sometimes freeze for half a second, then the screen would turn black for 2 seconds. Then I would finally regain control. This would happen every 2-5 minutes in a game. What's wrong? Also apparently it happens more frequently in League of Legends.

Drivers are up to date.

When it happens in Diablo oddly it happens about 100% more frequently when I am navigating a menu or I am in town. I don't know if this has any relevance but yeah. I had no problems up until today so.... I don't know what else to do. Hopefully it just goes away (my comp has an odd tendency of creating a game crippling problem and fixing it by itself within a few weeks...).

So I start a game today and the black screen thing happened 3 times within 20 seconds and finally the screen turned all black, the sound cut off and I had no choice but to force shut down my laptop. I rebooted the laptop and reconnected successfully, played for a bit and then the same thing happened. What happened to my graphics card? I'm on a laptop, I can't just buy a new one

Also, the weird thing is if I spectate a game on League of Legends the problem doesn't happen. This black screen thing happened like once or twice while playing Diablo 3 like a few weeks ago and got more and more frequent until it turned to this. Is this Diablo 3's fault or my laptop's?
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I had similar problem. It was my video card over-heating.

Try to do some test on your card. There is quite a few app for that.
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Actually I copied and pasted my post so this has been happening for 3-4 days now. Shouldn't the video card be cooled down sufficiently by now? Also do you recommend some free testing apps like you mentioned (I have no idea where to find them and I'm scared that googling and downloading something will net me a virus). Also if I run my video card through this test, how do I go about fixing it? I have an Intel Mobile Express Chipset that's an integrated chip so I can't really fix it. (Yes I know it's unsupported by Diablo 3 but I use the workaround and play with the lowest settings.)
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Bulbopwn posted...
Actually I copied and pasted my post so this has been happening for 3-4 days now. Shouldn't the video card be cooled down sufficiently by now?

That's not how it works. You probably have a village of dust bunnies living in the heat sinks, so it's not cooling well and very quickly overheats.
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Can I clean it somehow without voiding my warranty?
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Compressed air works wonders
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had same prob and went to the forums where I read to lower fps down to like 50ish (from the 140 auto setting)..haven't had the prob since.
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Thanks for the responses, I'll try cleaning it with compressed air. So this should be the only problem right? My chip isn't damaged or anything, it's just my fan is not working correctly?
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