1.04 Patch Notes Leaked?

#1MrIrvinPosted 6/21/2012 5:05:29 AM
Diablo III Patch


-4th/5th preference slot added to Auction House/Real Money Auction House, ilvl search slot also added.
-Group chat feature implemented, invite up to 10 friends to a chat via an icon in your friends list, an ignore chat invite feature has also been added to eliminate possible spam abuse.
-You may only invite someone to a chat once per 5 minutes.


-Witch Doctor
-Animation length of some support spells have been shortened by a small amount.
-A bug with Spirit Walk that stopped the Witch Doctor from passing through Walls from the "Waller" affix has been removed.
-A bug with the Zombie Bears rune has been fixed that was causing the attack to not cross small cracks and minor terrain changes, or to register properly when being used up or down hill from enemies on ramps.
-Health on summons has been scaled to give them some survivability chance in the inferno difficulty.
-Mana cost on all signature spells for the Witch Doctor have been removed to alleviate some concerns with mana costs and Vision Quest feeling like a required passive skill.

-Base spirit regeneration set to 1 per second instead of 0.

-Attack speed bonus values on weapons and armor will be set to 45% instead of 50% so odd numbers will round up instead of down in value. (Example: 15% would now be 8% instead of 7%)
-ilvl60+ items now sell to the npc for 1.5x their original value to help curve repair cost loss and make magic on par with gold find.
-A 5% chance to block has been added to all Off-Hand items for all classes.
-Wear and tear durability loss (Non-death loss) on all items has been reduced by 75%, as well as a 20% reduction to the increased repair costs.
-The Armor stat has been boosted to actually be a viable stat to consider when equiping your character, particularly against the increased damage from melee in inferno.
-Potion cooldown has been reduced to 15 seconds instead of 30, and passives will no longer reduce the cooldown of potions, this will hopefully alleviate some of the kiting some players deem so necessary and door abuse due to an inability to heal unavoidable damage.
-An Ultimate Health Potion has also been added to the vendors in act 2-4 of inferno which will heal 40,000 hp at a cost of 1,000 per potion, along with being dropped in these acts at a rarer than mystic rate.
-Diamonds have been added to the drops in-game with this patch, which will add to weapon attack speed when put in a weapon slot, Life Regeneration when placed in a helmet slot, and + to all resistances in any other slot, there are the same categories as the other gems available.
-Gems up to rank 12 will now be viable loot, at an extremely low rate of course, reflective of acts in Inferno. (Act 1=9, Act 2=10, Act 3=11, Act 4=12)
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#2MrIrvin(Topic Creator)Posted 6/21/2012 5:05:40 AM
-Pay to add sockets to an item at Shen, 250,000 gp per socket added, maximum 3 per chest armor, 2 per leg piece, and 1 per weapon or helmet.
-Pay to reroll an items stats randomly at blacksmith (ilvl will remain the same) for 200,000gp per roll, or 2 matching items of the same rarity plus 100,000gp, one item will be destroyed and the newly created item will take on the highest ilvl of the two items combined.

-All mid act + Final act bosses will drop a guaranteed top tier item for the difficulty you are playing (ilvl63 in inferno) with 5 stacks of valor on, blue or yellow rarity name items only.
-Enrage timers on bosses in inferno will no longer spell certain death, but increase the difficulty and damage taken to the player by an amount based on number of players in the party.

-Monster Affixes will now be divided into the following 3 categories:
-Offensive (Mortar, Plagued, Molten, Frozen, any that deal actual damage)
-Defensive (Reflect Damage, Shielding, Missile Dampening, Invulnerable)
-Support (Teleport, Waller, Jailer, Minion, Avenger, Vortex, Fast)
-With these categories, monsters in the inferno difficulty will be limited to how many from each category they will spawn with, 2 (3 in acts 3/4) from the offensive category, with 1 of each defensive and support no matter what act. This will hopefully eliminate some of the "zerging" people tend to fall back on when they would run into a rediculous combination of monsters prior to this patch. Monsters with predetermined affixes (such as Scavengers being fast) will eliminate one of their possible affixes in the support category.
-The damage from the serpents in Act 2 after they become visible again has been lowered significantly for the first round of attacks, since it creates alot of unnecessary kiting of a monster that isn't even technically on your screen for you to hit. Additionally the invulnerable moment during the Lucuni and Lasher attacks has been removed, and the color of the Bees projectile has been changed from the golden yellow that matches the sand to a much more obvious shade of green.

-Bug Fixes
-Nephalem Valor will now reset when more than one piece of equipment is changed within a 30 second time frame to prevent Magic find equipment swapping abuse, additionally an equipment and skill lock button have been added to prevent accidentally removing your valor.
-Magic find will still not effect droprates out of breaking pots etc, but the chance to loot equipment and other rares out of them has been reintroduced at a significantly lower rate.
-Resplendent chests now spawn at a 25% chance rate instead of 100% in certain mini dungeons and near any doorways that could lead to abuse, and the chance to pull actual rares out of them has been implemented again, with a guaranteed yellow rare for having 5 stacks of valor.
-A bug with the "Waller" affix throwing walls at an unnecessarily fast rate and at odd angles/shapes has been addressed, now they will only throw the wall at a degree that will stop you from walking straight, only completely stopping you from walking forward in narrow hallways.
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I hope that this isn't BS.
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"-Nephalem Valor will now reset when more than one piece of equipment is changed within a 30 second time frame to prevent Magic find equipment swapping abuse, additionally an equipment and skill lock button have been added to prevent accidentally removing your valor."

Ha ha that would be hillarious.
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#5GTJonnyMnemonicPosted 6/21/2012 5:12:24 AM
Axelea posted...
I hope that this isn't BS.

Agreed, tho it looks too good to be true..
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and where's this from? if it's real then this would mean that blizzard really planned it all along: increase the repair cost by a huge amount, let people complain and then reduce the cost with the next patch to pretend that they care about their customers. genius
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Seems legit.
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Way too good to be true.
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Seems legit.
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No link?

Also, did someone type that up themselves? There are a lot of typos in there that aren't generally found in official patch notes.

I'd imagine they know how to spell "ridiculous" correctly instead of "rediculous" for one.
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