what stats should i stack? demon hunter

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hey i was just wondering what the most important stats are for DH, a friend said dex but idk what the stats even do, thanks for any help
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Glass cannon builds are not as popular. More DHs now also stat vit and all resist in addition to dex. For vit, try getting it to a level where you have 30-40k hp and all reists to 400-500.
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If you're in Normal or Nightmare difficulty, you could get by just by focusing entirely on Dex (for damage) and Vit (for life), which are your two most important stats.

At those levels (1-45ish), +damage on rings and amulets is a huge help (even better than Dex). However, it gradually becomes less useful as your weapon's damage increases (around level 45+).

Attack Speed is a stat you can find on gear at all levels that is always very good.

At later levels (50+) you should also keep an eye out for Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Resist All, Armor, and Movement Speed.
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You want to get a Stormshield with high dex/str with high block and defense, then get a 1000+dps 1h crossbow. Next you need to build Dex/vita on items with all the resist/defense/strength you can find on them. If they have ias/crit/crit chance that will help as well. Basically you want to build like a monk because this game wants you to build like a tank to progress with it's huge diversity in classes.
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You can mouse over stats to find out what they do. Also, I'd just like to point out that while the people posting about what stats to stack are pretty much correct, such gear will cost a fortune.