I see Barbs, WD and DH complain all the time...

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3 years ago#11
I'm happy with where wizard is at right now. Mid to high tier. That means we won't get slammed with a nerf in the future but are still pretty well off.

A good place to be in.

And it's fun to play (for me).
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3 years ago#12
mahgah91 posted...
Hard_Boiled posted...
Barbs don't complain. We just kill stuff. Don't put us in the same group as those capri-wearing DHs

I easily see Barbs complain the most about repair costs.

Nah, I'm a barb and it's honestly not that bad. The way I see it is we're the most durable class and unless your vastly out geared your not going to die as often as the other classes. And dying > wear and tear in repair costs.
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3 years ago#13
Darksteel posted...
WDs are pissed because zombie bears (one of their best damage spells) is currently bugged. Think blizz said they are waiting till the next patch to fix it too so I can't really blame them for being mad. I play a barb and if revenge was heavily bugged I'd be pissed too.

They're fixing it in 1.03a, which seems like a rushed patch just to fix Zombie Bears (and hopefully other issues). IMO, the bug with Spirit Vessel is far worse, since there are several alternatives to daBears.

But, the absolute hypocrisy with these fixes is ridiculous. They nerf Wizards, DH's, and Monks immediately when they see a balance problem, but what do WD balance problems get?
Pets scaling with LOH? MUST BE NERFED NOW!
Pets not scaling with Vit? LOL we see the problem, but you can wait til 1.04 for pets to be usable.
Passive increasing the CD of a spell instead of decreasing it? LOL wait til 1.03.
1.03 destroying WD builds through bugs? LOL keep waiting for a fix.
We broke Sprit Vessel? LOL keep waiting for a fix, meanwhile we can let HC characters die to a bug they may not even expect.
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3 years ago#14
Monks are honestly ****ed, but we are too badass to complain.
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3 years ago#15
As a wiz, I can say we have very good survivability. Teleport + illusionist basically counters a lot of ranged killers like waller, froze, arcane, and vortex if we can see it coming.
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3 years ago#16
i'm a barb and i love it! repair costs suck, true, but just make sure you make enough to cover it when you do runs.

i've a friend who i constantly farm with, dh and a wd. they never complained once about the nerf and we still play and have fun.
3 years ago#17
Wizards/Witch Doctors have the cheapest items in AH.
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3 years ago#18
YouStillHateMe posted...
Monks are honestly ****ed, but we are too badass to complain.

But yeah, I don't see sh** about monks. Save for some price checks and the topics I create to reassure myself that I'm doing good... And the "whining" after the nerfing patches...
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3 years ago#19
60 monk here, just cleared A2 inferno. I keep trying other classes but Monk is incredibly fun. I don't really know if the class is "in a good spot" right now but I'm having a blast progressing, farming, and trying out new builds. :)
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3 years ago#20
Wolfer posted...
Wizards/Witch Doctors have the cheapest items in AH.

Explain? Proof?
Such is your fate.
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