Really simple way to make 10+ million gold in 5 minutes

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you will get banned lol

I got one account banned doing this 2 weeks ago, you just figured this out now? They have told me over the phone that I couldn't use my account as a investment vehicle (apparently it states that somewhere in the TOS)

That being said, use this at your own risk... I would probably hang on to the gold for a few days before trying to flip it right away.

(Sorry to clarify they didn't ban me right away, they suspended me.. but this suspension ended 25 years from now. When I tried calling them, I then got a "NOTICE OF ACCOUNT CLOSURE" so now I cannot even get my account back in 25 years... oh man :*( )
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Oh for god's sakes, how pathetically gullible people can be.
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jake-sf posted...
Oh for god's sakes, how pathetically gullible people can be.

... But they did say you cant flip items from one AH to the other. They said it explicitly...
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Obviously this will work the first couple of times but doing it over and over is just going to put more of a spotlight on your account. Especially since all RMAH sales are reviewed prior to approval and they're going to notice you constantly listing millions of gold every couple of days.
What's even better is that you're probably going to get caught in the gold selling phase of your plan which would mean you're $50 out of pocket once the ban hammer drops.
But hey, risk / reward it's all relative. GL.
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jake-sf posted...
Oh for god's sakes, how pathetically gullible people can be.
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HydroCannabinol posted...
MrIrvin posted...
Doesn't work for people in the US who pay income taxes btw.

Essentially you would be paying 30% (or whatever your tax rate is) on $50 each time blizzard sends you money, paypal reports the earnings every year and sends it to the IRS.

Essentially would be paying 30% on $50 for each time you earn about $5-6, you do the math to see if that is worthwhile.

lawl I bet you report everything to the IRS. Uncle Sam loves you.

You only get in trouble if they audit you, and that is very unlikely if you're just a poor gamer that doesn't real own anything and just pays taxes on his wages.

I make up garbage and get free moniez like a bawss. ez

If you guys want to talk about delusional read this post.

It's just not profitable and simply not worth the hassle with the IRS and filing taxes.

Also, it doesn't matter if it is up to me lol, PayPal has been required by law to report it all.
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The argument in this topic is EXACTLY why building a game around an economy structure is a bad idea.
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Just got banned on my alt for doing this. Phoned Customer Service and they said flipping on the same AH is fine but it's only bannable when you cross over AHs (either GAH to RMAH or RMAH to GAH) as stated in their ToS, Page 7, Line 22.