What's the fastest way to level up paragon to 100?

#1papae666Posted 9/4/2012 3:03:33 AM
I already have +29% exp ruby on my helm. My paragon level is 17 now.
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#2themaster627Posted 9/4/2012 3:07:14 AM

Or pretty much anywhere in Act 3, as long as you're willing to play for months to get to 100.
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#3brisashiPosted 9/4/2012 3:21:25 AM
You could try farming for a leorics signet ring or farm up the 25+ million gold to buy one.
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Thanks. That ring is very expensive. I will try to get one.
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I'm currently Paragon level 8, nearly 2 weeks after 1.04 came out. By my estimates, I should be able to hit level 100 sometime March or April next year at my current pace provided I don't get bored and move on to something else by then. >_<
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Running Inferno A3 all the way through is probably the most natural way, since that's a good way to farm as well. If you are trying for the most efficient way, just pick a route that has a good 15-20 ellite packs and run it a bunch.