What to do with my gold now

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4 years ago#21
Ryan, why the hell are you trying to troll Gradieus? :P
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4 years ago#22
it's really annoying in all the MMOs, the people who actually play the game legit are always the poorest and then those merchants who don't even play the game but just flip items and **** become the strongest.
Such is your fate.
4 years ago#23

check out that flipping!

Start at bottom left :P
4 years ago#24
Buying two hellfire rings, one for me and one for a friend for 12m, any other suggestions?
4 years ago#25
LookANinja posted...
From: Amilgahoul | #005
donate some to the less fortunate (me) :)
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4 years ago#26
You could always give me a couple hundred million. Ya know out of the goodness in your heart?
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4 years ago#27
lol borrrring, come one guys, something fun!!
4 years ago#28
where is your legendary alt, majik?
4 years ago#29
Its not photoshopped Grad is on my friendslist and he's always logged into the same character AT THE MENU. If you spend alot of time on the AH you can make alot of gold.
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4 years ago#30
Make a youtube video of you buying an awesome item for a billion gold, then salvage it.
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