This game needs an awesome item that can drop but is account-bound.

#11Lord HeimdallPosted 2/2/2013 8:44:57 PM
I've come with something similar to what you proposed a while back, TC:

As for about the "best gear", I think it won't be uncommon that later patches and expansions will raise the bar for what the best gear can be, although I can foresee the crowd raging that current items will lose value, and "I want my money back" stuff...
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As stated, Blizzard will probably keep the "best" on the market because they get a cut of the money.
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From: Ki_cat_ | #003
Except they don't drop. You have to craft for a chance. But yes, more than 1 item obviously.

They do drop... in pieces. It's literally the same thing, just some extra steps in between. Well its also guaranteed to "drop", just not to get good rolls.