1 Million people play Diablo 3 daily still

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I'd rather see the number seperate of players who play in the NA region and not include China/SKorea. Also, not include multiboxing and people who play outside NA on NA region.

Also with average play time too "playing the game" and separate it from people who "play the auction house"

you think it would still be a million active players who actually "play" and enjoy the game?
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twitterfriends posted...
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Its hilarious that you guys simply refuse to believe that there is a sizeable playerbase still interested in the game.

Just join a public game and look at the number, use your logic on that one.

I farm alone and i would imagine most people do the same. Its simply more efficient.
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Tanthalas posted...
From: EternalFlame66 | Posted: 3/28/2013 9:21:17 PM | #009
A lot of people probably just log in to flip items on the AH, and then don't actually play.

Lol, sure dude.

It's true. It only just shows that you are not there yet.
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I do know that things still sell in the RMAH. Sure not for $250 butvi can getca few bucks here and there.
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Shipped units reached 12 m, its estimated now that a further 5m sold electronically now.

Where on earth do you get the idea that the sales figures didn't include digital sales?
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From: Thalidis | #018
Shipped units reached 12 m, its estimated now that a further 5m sold electronically now. ALSO D2 didnt sell 12m units. It only sold 4m copies in its first year.

I should like to point out that Diablo also hasn't sold 12m physical units, at least not to individual people. Blizzard might have sold 12m physical units to retailers, but most people don't consider that when reading "such and such did(n't) sell X copies." They think of it in terms of sales to gamers and other individuals. A large percentage of those shipped units might have been sold, and in fact likely were, but with a game like this there's really no guarantee, and very little chance in my opinion, that it's had 100% sales of the total amount shipped.
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