I don't think the Auction House ruined the economy, but instead gold did.

#1Xshortguy007Posted 3/28/2013 9:13:11 PM
The problem with the auction house is that the only medium of exchange is through gold. gold is a resource that isn't backed by anything that is valuable, it is instead assumed that gold is inherently valuable and a hot commodity. In reality, gold really is mostly worthless, except in the light of the auction house, where it is forced to be used.

One great point about Diablo 2 is that the game was a resource-based economy, in that everything that was traded as a currency had intrinsic in-game value to it. This is wonderful because you don't have some inherently-worthless dummy commodity.

If instead they had opted the Auction House to be more of a barter-type system, where players can bid on items with other items (which stay alive until either player cancels the trade or a time duration passes, for example), and allowed players to have "stores" of items, the Auction House would have served a much better purpose of providing a rich trade of actually valuable resources.

So screw gold, not the Auction House.


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I don't think barter is the solution.
It will cause a lot of questions to many, many players like you see at PoE already.
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Barter economies are subject to inflation even more so than a standard set currency. Infact one game basically has an economy so bloated that all but two forms if it are not wanted at all.
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AH system is fine. What wasn't fine is the lack of better design to support it in the long run. They didn't think much of it, so they made that lazy system (remember the AH at launch?) and that lazy gold system without proper gold and item sinks.

They could go deeper and study game economies like EVE online or even their own WoW games and see what could work and what could not work on Diablo 3 AH.

It's a pity because Diablo 3 showed them it could have a very good potential to both Blizzard and players. Now it just harms the game's already bad reputation and the players, as they don't have a solid economy to play with.
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#6Mad_Cow46Posted 3/29/2013 6:06:14 AM
The economy in Diablo is plenty strong. The only items that are out of reach are trifecta and god stat items and the game can very easily be played without any of them.
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From: Xshortguy007 | #001
One great point about Diablo 2 is that the game was a resource-based economy, in that everything that was traded as a currency had intrinsic in-game value to it. This is wonderful because you don't have some inherently-worthless dummy commodity..

Blizz plans to make gold the do-everything-currency. It'll be dumbed down even further as Travis Day states he wants to add in a new type of Artisan that lets you re-roll a certain affix on your items with control on how much is a guaranteed roll using gold. So lets say if you have an amulet with you know, the usual, Primary Stat, Vit, All Res, IAS, and Crit but the All Res roll was 24.

Travis Day has said that you can pay gold for that Artisan to re-roll All Res on that item, while paying an increasing amount for every single digit you want guaranteed. So you can literally pay gold to re-roll that 24 All Res into 75 guaranteed All Res while letting RNG re-roll 1-5 All Res.
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This isn't an issue with gold or even the AH. The issue is as simple as there are "best" items for each slot on a character. The majority of players want only the best items. Therefore, those items are inflated in value.

All games suffer from this problem. Because games are primarily mathematical, there is typically a best solution to the gameplay. Its called a dominate strategy. And there are a lot of players that enjoy finding the fastest path to winning. Once they find it and share the information, there is little point in doing it a different way.

The only real issue I have with the AH is that the player sets the initial bid price. If the system were designed such that all items start at say vendor * 1.15 then I don't think you would see ridiculously overpriced items. Also, I would not have previous price have any influence on future item transactions. This would prevent an unusually high sale price (or low one for that matter) from inflating or devaluing a set of items quickly.
#9Mad_Cow46Posted 3/29/2013 8:21:12 AM
What it really boils down to is kids want god bis items NAO
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lol this thread made me think of this!
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