I don't think the Auction House ruined the economy, but instead gold did.

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Don't get mad. I'm not the one who gets to judge anything. In most cases it's entirely subjective.

But when you say things like, "javazon and bowazon are the same", get called out on it by not just me, and can't back up your claim with anything at all, and yet still refuse to admit you're wrong, you speak for yourself whether you actually played the game in any capacity. You really do.
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dude, take a look at the blue post on the official board. The developer are aware that in d3, best in slot items are universal, meaning all 5 class want the same 1 item, only diffence is the primary stat. In d2, best in class item are build specific, meaning the 7 class have more than 1 best in slot items.
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