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does higher difficulty mean better loot?

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2 years ago#1
Im pretty new to the game and so far the only thing im noticing is more gold and exp
2 years ago#2

But there are a few legendary items that will only drop in Torment, and some new type of gem I believe.
Protect Mother Nature
2 years ago#3
Yes and no.

The gear that drop is the same (at least until expansion). But higher difficulty has better chance of dropping the rare items. In RoS though there will be new stuff that only drop in Torment difficulty.
2 years ago#4
Glad you mentioned this. All this time i been playing on hard for nothing.
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2 years ago#5
It doesn't say anything about better drop rates until torment, I wonder if it's correct?
2 years ago#6
At this time - no. Once RoS hits there will be some Torment exclusive items so you'll want to be at least running T1 later this month.

Unfortunately right now playing at a higher Torment level means less items. However the exp on higher Torment levels is unquestionably better - especially with the 50% boost right now.

For max chance at loot you want to play at the lowest difficulty level you can manage while steam rolling elites with little danger of dying - even if it means lowering the difficulty to hard or normal. Flip open every chest and smash every barrel. The tradeoff is not much exp.
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2 years ago#7
Oh I forgot to mention, if you want to Fight Keywardens for their Keys in order to make the Hellfire Ring, you have to be on the Torment difficulty level in order for them to spawn. On T1 they have 25% to drop key and T6 its 50% chance.
2 years ago#8
What's a good place to farm? My WD is about to go 60. Thanks in advance.
2 years ago#9
For exp and loot at the moment, the best strategy seems to be to kill as many monsters as possible. So pick the highest difficulty were things are still dying in basically 1 hit.
Protect Mother Nature
2 years ago#10

It's up to you to decide if you want to rush towards a particular difficulty, but I can let you know that items found in higher difficulties aren't inherently better than those found in lower difficulty settings. For example, a level 60 Azurewrath found in Normal will roll at the same level as a level 60 Azurewrath found in Torment VI. I should also point out that there are some Legendary items that are only found in Torment+ difficulties, but that doesn't start happening until level 70.

Don't know why it's like this. Kinda stupid, but oh well.
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  3. does higher difficulty mean better loot?

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