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So enrage timer punishes every class apart from DH? (Archived)
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Is it just me, or did the game lag worse after 1.03b? (Archived)
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What type of damage should I stack? (Archived)Slayn27/4/2012
This game isn't interesting enough to last me till August 28th (Archived)BadKarma_JT67/4/2012
c/d witch doctors are.... (Archived)turbogoon17/4/2012
For all the complaints about 'lack of endgame' and 'normal - hell is ezmode' -- (Archived)
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How much DPS should I have when starting Hell on my Monk? (Archived)mahgah9127/4/2012
Is this a quality bow? 1182.1 DPS, 7% IAS, 30.3% 1015-1909 bleed proc? (Archived)DoctorDoom8047/4/2012
lmao found a bug to reset barb Wrath of Beserker cooldown to 15 seconds (Archived)sommi67/4/2012
Did I miss something?, SPOILERS (Archived)Elleena77/4/2012
poll: if you were to tell a 1st timer what class to play, what would you say? (Archived)
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So I did an entire 5NV belial (Archived)
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DId you know there is a full-blown Diablo custom for Starcraft2? (Archived)
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So now that the game has been out awhile... (Archived)Have_Dry_Hands97/4/2012
This guy says he thinks its great you guys like the game. (Archived)angermngment10127/4/2012
somehow ended up with 1758 thorns; what do? (Archived)OysterOfDoom57/4/2012
"Do you think I have a chance with Auriel?" (Archived)TychusFindlee27/4/2012
Err, so how much do rings cost? (Archived)NicoGrimm47/4/2012
PC on quiver please! (Archived)StoicSwordsman47/4/2012
WTF are people using bots on the AH? (Archived)
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