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Am I the only one who's not done? (Archived)
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Least Gear-Dependent Class in Inferno? (Archived)
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Am I the only one who's done? (Archived)
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this barb ammy worth anything? (Archived)J_Dawg983107/8/2012
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Are set item drops location based? (Archived)Wampus6927/8/2012
What should my DPS be in ACT I Hell for a Wizard (Archived)Xshortguy00767/8/2012
What would be a good skill build for a barb just getting in inferno (Archived)TigerBIood77/8/2012
Why does this board look down upon glass cannon DHs? (Archived)
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best act to farm inferno for bar? (Archived)tekken5657/8/2012
What are the scam tricks you fell for in d2? (Archived)Aileranea27/8/2012
is LoH nerfed or something? (Archived)
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Just started on Nightmare difficulty and... (Archived)Enturax37/8/2012
"Destroyer" guy tryin to get me to "Dupe" (Archived)shanetm77/8/2012
i can play bioshock, bullet storm and ass creed on my laptop. can i play diablo? (Archived)miczz57/8/2012
Theoretically, using other items as a benchmark, how much would top gems go for? (Archived)Lokarin67/8/2012
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Anyone wanna buy any of these? (Archived)FlipManV337/8/2012
What's Natalya's Gaze worth? (Archived)DippinSauce97/8/2012
My APM is like over 9000 (Archived)Firebolt447/8/2012