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Picking up RoS today. Haven't played in over a year. What's a good class now?spacecowboymike82/25 4:03AM
woohoo! The 2.2 PTR is almost here!Mad_Cow4652/24 8:40PM
Oh my lord...What in the world did they do to my precious Wizard?!
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The witch doctor just doesn't seem like a "hero" to me
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Any ongoing deals for this game?patribrod72/24 3:11PM
Rate my gear please, where do i go next?fergburger262/24 11:58AM
Take a skill that's not performing well and make it viable!
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Patch 2.2.0 preview
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No public games?leon_trunks52/24 9:13AM
fastest way to Paragon level??ChronoAce92/24 8:49AM
Years into the future...cougarblitz9962/24 7:32AM
Thats it, I'm fed up now! Time to go raekors!
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LoL it looks like blizz will be micro transacting the asians:
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Help power leveling a witch doctor? (Closed)DJ022422/23 7:14PM
If I have Justice that does electric damage..LamiaLues32/23 5:10PM
What would it take for other elements to matter for the Wizard?
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On average how many hours do you play a day? (Poll)InfestedAdam82/23 12:24PM
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This might make D3 interesting again.. Any thoughts?pachucheng52/23 11:01AM
Ancient items seem to be a farce.
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