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LoL it looks like blizz will be micro transacting the asians:
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Help power leveling a witch doctor? (Closed)DJ022422/23 7:14PM
If I have Justice that does electric damage..LamiaLues32/23 5:10PM
What would it take for other elements to matter for the Wizard?
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This might make D3 interesting again.. Any thoughts?pachucheng52/23 11:01AM
Ancient items seem to be a farce.
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What class did you choose for Season 2? (Poll)
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Questions on Wormwood staffKyonshi52/23 7:05AM
T6 rifts or Grift 30-35?ChronoAce72/23 5:23AM
how do I know it's safe to exit the game and not loose progress?Blueandwhite8732/23 5:19AM
Any other fun monk builds for gearing besides EP/WOL?TigerBIood52/23 4:33AM
Is Blizzard ever going to fix the xp bug in greater rifts
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thinking of buying the expansion and got some questions.Blueandwhite8732/22 4:51PM
Best crusader build? (Archived)XIncubusX22/22 3:58PM
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PRAY FOR THE rng gods? how do i get a ancient torch...better yet praying steps (Archived)
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Kripp and Rania (funny observation about casual play) (Archived)
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