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Are the season transmogs class specific, or does it not matter what I play?HeroshiX2510/10 2:14PM
D3 really is the best ARPG to date: here's why.
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Woah, what happened to Kadala
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will this go as long as Wow? how much more time will you put into this?pspmaster23710/10 4:35AM
completed a grift and urshi didnt spawn
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Is it better to start on hard?spemsha1010/10 1:37AM
I see a lot of Crusader builds without a primary wrath builder. How?
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What's your seasonal paragon level? (Poll)
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If I get a bounty reward in nrm, dooes harder diff before opening matter? (Archived)FaxModem2000210/9 10:33AM
Looking for hardcore advice on Monk and Demon Hunter. (Archived)Ninja_Gaignun510/9 9:07AM
So theres a 'new' Grift progression exploit (Archived)
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