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Price Check on Storm Shield? (Archived)LookANinja73/13/2013
Account Locked Need Help (Archived)Plezbo_Grundle63/13/2013
Where to upgrade next? (advice please) (Archived)Sinstro43/13/2013
Being realistic what could I get for this? (Archived)youcannotsee73/13/2013
Hypothetical: WOTB no longer gives immunity to CC effects (Archived)
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Just came back to the game (WW Barb) (Archived)RicoEaB63/12/2013
Barb upgrades? (Archived)XIncubusX43/12/2013
Anyone know a good cookie cutter MP10 Keeps Level 2 Barb build? (Archived)VejitaSS463/12/2013
how does one call blizzard? (Archived)mattat0153/12/2013
what do you want the new act(s) to be located and about? (Archived)
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Haven't played since launch, what class to play??? (Archived)DeathDealerKS43/12/2013
Barbarian of Ultimate Damage% - Single target theory crafting (Archived)Walker_Real103/12/2013
Anyone want a hellfire ring design? (Archived)Goodziilla83/12/2013
Which area is better to farm? (Archived)grundyboy71163/12/2013
do you guys play solo or in group when you farm? (Archived)bubbaX63/12/2013
Battle Rage - Into the Fray- how much fury gen? Sustain WW? (Archived)Walker_Real63/12/2013
Figured id dust my DH off and gear him alittle.. (Archived)Wampus6933/12/2013
Patch 1.0.7a Now Live - The patchnotes are GLORIOUS (Archived)Ryyaann_Is_Band63/12/2013
Finding loot solo (Archived)glory of power metal43/12/2013
How do people play monks now? (Archived)Wet_moon83/12/2013
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