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someone tell me why..? (Archived)
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lmao.... after this post about horrible drops again in the are you happy topic: (Archived)
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Id like to create a list of people who want to farm for keys (Archived)
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PC: Skorn (dex, LS, Socket) (Archived)lyrick51/18/2013
I havent Played in very long time What are people running now days with Monks? (Archived)
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WTS/PC 114 Dex/10CC/30CD gloves (Archived)Ki_cat_31/18/2013
A good cheap chest piece for a wizard? (Archived)
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Lol, turns out Dueling was broken after all.. (Archived)
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anyone here with nats ring and nats boots for sale? (Archived)GuanXing71/18/2013
Have you been happy with the game from the very start up to now? (Poll)
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