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Does REND stack if you hit it multiple times? (Archived)MASKOAAA810/31/2012
Critical system broken? (Archived)sociopatrolman310/31/2012
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2 handed weapon or 1 handed for long range characters (Archived)kingbadjo710/31/2012
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WTB Manticore with 2 sockets. High Dex roll. 1150+ DPS (Archived)Airio810/31/2012
Why is gem price going up again? (Archived)
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Looking for people that don't need to be carried. WW Barb (Archived)
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PC Inna's Radiance (Archived)Kolchin04610/31/2012
Act 3 mp0 would they still be lvl 63monsters? (Archived)anubisbahamut710/31/2012
PC/WTS: Good Str ring, AMAZING quiver (Archived)Aiboh510/31/2012
Does the unbuffed DPS stats on diabloprogress count passives? (Archived)AverageGai410/31/2012
Need 1-2 for ubers now (no barbs though, already have 2) (Archived)megametal42410/31/2012
longest streak of not getting Legendaries/set items (Archived)
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Is there a place to see the best geared Wizards? (Archived)Hoops01810/31/2012
50 mil for radiant star gems. (Archived)kingbadjo410/31/2012
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