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So sad this game turned out this way, I've been looking forward to it since LOD (Archived)
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Would anyone help me speed through hell? (Archived)AshAcrimonious812/23/2012
So, playing this for basically the first time... (Archived)xCarn4g3x512/23/2012
Is there a guide on the best path to get a Hellfire Ring? (Archived)
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Ideas for improving crafting (Archived)
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Diablo 3 vs. Blowgun (Archived)ryanw51712/23/2012
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Hope you got your upgrades in b4 the bot ban (Archived)MASKOAAA912/23/2012
What are all the complaints I've been hearing about Diablo 3? (Archived)levyjl1988812/23/2012
Getting two level 60 chars of each class without AH or powerleveling (Archived)xPsyduck912/23/2012
Is it better to farm Act 1 with high MP and MF, or Act 3 with low MP and no MF? (Archived)illbzo1312/23/2012
Finishing up hell... (Archived)ZephyrBalrog512/23/2012
Found 6 legendaries in one nightmare Act 3 run. (Archived)LookANinja212/22/2012
Ever 1 shot a champ PACK? (Archived)timfoto912/22/2012
Early Data Results: Legendary and Key runs. (long) (Archived)
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which class requires the least clicks per min? (Archived)
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