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Diablo 3 now is balanced around SEASON mode.GuiltyCrown89/24 9:16AM
I believe Destiny is D3 but for Console Gamers
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Which Diablo did you play first and how would you rank the series? (Poll)
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are hellfire rings or the amulet worth crafting?pspmaster2399/24 4:32AM
How online is this game?CthulhuMessiah49/24 2:00AM
how "big" does mf have an impact on legs n set pieces?? do you magic find?pspmaster2349/24 12:41AM
buriza on a m6 dh?pspmaster2349/23 11:54PM
banned of the trap work with cold skills from dh? best gems for dh?
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*Rumor* The gems needed for re-rolling level 61+ jewelries become Imperial gems.
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Trying a Fire wizard need some advice if you'd be so kindthelegendfable49/23 8:21PM
lfg seasonal t2 act one bountiesxSighx59/23 8:00PM
Is there a reason they won't nerf M6?
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why didn't they just give kadala a salvage all button?TheFallenPriest69/23 3:57PM
Starting fresh after a few years off - is RoS necessary right away?Shark_Laser59/23 2:31PM
How to improve my wizsome random person49/23 2:11PM
The Wilson touchrjames8019/23 1:29PM
Did the nerf bormal rifts or something?
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New Bloodshard prices are a little hard to handleMMF_Legacy79/23 1:10PM
Waiting on another installation or update... (Closed)Lord Heimdall29/23 12:47PM
servers up if you didnt knowRawringAir49/23 10:55AM