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Proper procedures for trading/selling to avoid being scammed? (Archived)AverageGai710/27/2012
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Is there anything that blocks all CC other than WOTB? (Archived)Ryyaann_Is_Band510/27/2012
Thunderclap actually good in 1.0.5 for infernal machine, apparently. (Archived)Kendrick1010/27/2012
PC Amulet (263 dex, 111 vit, 346 loh, 7.5cc) (Archived)Scythe310610/27/2012
whats a good magic find number? (Archived)
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Looking for a party for Infernal machine.. (Archived)Abomination666410/27/2012
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Ghom & Rakanoth question. (Archived)Sync_874610/27/2012
Witch doctors op in pvp? (Archived)
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Selling these 5 items for 6 million. (Archived)kingbadjo810/27/2012
It seems like ranged enemies do a lot more damage... (Archived)Ki_cat_410/27/2012
Farming Keys? Leave your BattleTag ITT and add others. (Archived)
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When was this game the best? Launch/Early Inferno, 1.0.3, 1.0.4 or 1.0.5? (Poll)Agnostic420610/27/2012