Sticks won't go in Monalith/Millstone in Woods

#1GusTheMousePosted 1/3/2009 12:05:50 AM
Why can't I put the "sturdy oak sticks" from my inventory into the "monalith/millstone"? I've read all FOUR scrolls too. From what I've read in walkthrus, they say I'm supposed to put it in monalith/millstone base and turn to see winter side. I assume that it's the only spot to put in since it has the "one dot" on top, indicating 1st monalith/millstone. And, the bottom hole is where the others have it. Help please...
#2LathanyPosted 1/11/2009 12:24:10 PM
Have you copied a map of the area? I don't know whether its a pre-requisite for using the sticks, but I had interacted my notebook with one of the scrolls before going to the stones.