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Online Help please

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3 years ago#1

just recently over the past few days when i've been trying to play

Super Smash Bros, Mario art and the Last Story online i've been disconnected and i keep getting messages saying error 84020, 81000 and 94020.

Now i've googled them and they say it's due to nintendo maintenance, and unstable connection, firewall interference or in the case of the last 2 high traffic online.

I can't see how my connection is unstable as i haven't changed the positions of my console/router since last time online worked

My firewall is off

and i really doubt the last story/smash bros/mario kart has higher traffic than 3 months ago when it worked perfectly.

IS anyone else experiencing this issue and does anyone have any ideas on what's going wrong?

i guess it is possible nintendo is doing maintenance as online worked briefly last night, admittedly i haven't been trying ALL the time but heavily during about 7am-10am and 8pm-12am Australian time as that is the times i've been home this week to test it
3 years ago#2
Desperatley need help googled it extensively so i'm going to Bump
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