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Is buying games from the Wii Store supposed to give you Club Nintendo coins? (Archived)BioStormX54/25/2012
Graphics on the Wii are important (Long post inside) (Archived)Sylar10044/25/2012
Recommended cheap / obscure wii games? (Archived)
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Two questions regarding Wii channels (Archived)dan7773344/24/2012
Retro City Rampage is coming to steam! (Archived)lizard8128874/24/2012
Does anyone else despise motion controls but suck it up for quality games? (Archived)
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The Top 5 Wii Games You (Probably) Didn't Play (Archived)
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What's so great about Xenoblade? (Archived)
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Trauma Team, is there a 'proper' order to do the characters/chapters in? (Archived)Justice9840544/24/2012
Is gaming dead in Japan? Wii and PS3 combined sell less than PS2 did (Archived)
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Alternate Post-story Gameplay for New Super Mario Bros Wii (Archived)Tree-kun74/24/2012
My Wii won't play Skyward Sword. How do you remove mods? (Archived)
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Wii Rate a Game - Day 4 - Epic Mickey (Archived)
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How long have you guys had your Wii? (Archived)
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Nintendo Channel (Archived)D_one_Dan74/24/2012
looking for recommendations on a GC or Wii Harvest Moon (Archived)Glass_Bear84/24/2012
Kirby Anniversary Collection? You have approx 4GB on disc Nintendo. (Archived)
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can I use any component cables (Archived)king_zetta24/24/2012
First Impressions: Bit.Trip Complete (Archived)New Link24/24/2012
Kind of disappointed the CDI Zeldas are not on the VC (Archived)knightoffire5534/24/2012