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first model wii comes in black ? (Archived)Darkneo2024/21/2012
Is the Skyward Sword WiiMotion+ bundle "rare"? (Archived)
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NBA 2k11 0r NBA 2k12? (Archived)
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About the non-backwards compatible Wiis... (Archived)TVthePunisher44/21/2012
Sensor bar problem (Archived)Metal_Mario9944/21/2012
How often does the Nintendo Channel update? (Archived)DRG7514/21/2012
GAME SAVE(EU) please!! zelda skyword sword at the start of the Fire Sanctuary (Archived)onikdeftones14/21/2012
Are Wii's region encoded? (Archived)Justice9840534/21/2012
HELP! Xenoblade has taken over my life!!! (Archived)Lemmywinks1384/21/2012
Are there any differences between the older Wii systems to the new ones? (Archived)Hucast974/20/2012
so is the 40 dollar ps2 a better buy than the 100 dollar black wii? (Archived)
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nintendo wii (Archived)imderfnzxxx34/20/2012
Stay away from Red Steel... Horrible Horrible game... (Archived)
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Why was Resident Evil Dead Aim not for the wii? (Archived)hydra_dragon34/20/2012
Games that almost achieved greatness but fell short (Archived)
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Mario! Bowser has sucked up all the stars from the sky! (Archived)GuestB54/20/2012
Any word on a new Endless Ocean? (Archived)
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Saturday at 1pm CET: European Nintendo Direct (Archived)Nikra24/20/2012
Can't this board just enjoy a game without extreme fanboyism or hatred? (Archived)
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Since this is supposedly the last year for the Wii (Archived)bcsnakeeyes124/20/2012