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At E3: Possibly another Wii price cut announced? (Archived)Ketorulz55/24/2012
Do any of the Call of Duty games on Wii work with a GameCube controller? (Archived)BlueFlameBat95/24/2012
Have your opinions of any Nintendo franchises changed over time? (Archived)
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No More Heroes 2 (Archived)steroidz_da_pwn65/24/2012
I tried but I just can't get into... (Archived)Maninstagnate55/24/2012
I remember that Secret World banner game from years ago. (Archived)NeojianX35/24/2012
Gamecube controller and mem card for wii (Archived)Neverwinter2775/24/2012
Fragile Dreams and Xenoblade has Japanese voice options (Archived)Numbuh100105/24/2012
Haven't play my Wii in over a year. What have I missed? (Archived)tugz85/24/2012
In 10 years from now, do you think you will still be playing with your Wii? (Archived)
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Operation Rainfall Commemorative Coins fully redeemed :( (Archived)dgco8665/24/2012
Anyone ever played a virtual console game or other older game (Archived)
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Which is the best Project Zero game and is Project Zero 2 Wiimake a good start (Archived)ramsean45/24/2012
Rank the Nintendo franchises (Archived)
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Movie games. (Archived)Basic84295/24/2012
Why do people keep saying that a Metroid/Star Fox crossover is unthinkable? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
The Wii versions of Thor and Captain America are diffent than the HD versions... (Archived)whitaker649065/24/2012
USA Nintendo Download 05-24-12: Nothing at all arrives for WiiWare or Wii VC. (Archived)Lhunthangion55/24/2012
Has a Wii game ever needed to install itself? (Archived)
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If all your video games suddenly disappeared... (Archived)
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