Anyone still on?

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8 years ago#1
I just got this, i know im kinda 2 years behind but is anyone still come on these boards?
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8 years ago#2
I still am. I'm late to the party (I got this game for 5 bucks at the bargain bin at the local K-Mart a few weeks back.) I love this game. Minus the lack of licenses. But I'll still play this game and check this board.
8 years ago#3
Thats great because not many people still post here.
Wii code : 5640 0359 4148 1619
Super smash brawl code :5069-5379-4410
8 years ago#4
I'm still on, but I'm just taking a wild guess here... have you got the Wii Port of PES 6 (guessing from your gamertag)... you might be on the wrong board. This is the 360 one. But is someone going to now one-up my and say that... all the boards are linked?

*prepares for the punch*
GT: "AzSchmaz" (minus the quotation marks) --- <3
8 years ago#5
lol i used to have a Wii port but i have the 360 one cuz i traded my Wii.
Gamertag :Thoko
8 years ago#6
Hey Thoko... I'm going to add you today... and give you a couple of games. :P

Be prepared for my add lol. If anybody else wants a few games... just pipe up! ;)

GT: "AzSchmaz" (minus the quotation marks) --- <3
8 years ago#7
Oh yeah ive added you ill play you probably tommorrow as i have a lot of college work :P
Gamertag :Thoko

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