Tiberian Sun Dll problem

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7 years ago#1
Topic title pretty much says it all. My friend has vista and every game except for TS runs. When you try to run TS, it gives the "one or more dll files are missing", or something to that effect, message. One suggestion i read on some other sites was to load the game up again after that message, but it didint work. Another suggestion was to turn the User Account Control option off, and take ownership of the First Decade folder. It no longer gave the message and it loaded up, so to speak, but the screen is black and you can here the mouse rolling over the menu options. I tried going to the C&C forums, but I am unable to log in there to ask for help. If anyone can either ask for help for me, or can suggest something that might work, i would be eternally grateful.
7 years ago#2
Have you tried right clicking on the application file, go through the properties, to compatibility and make have it run as administrator?
7 years ago#3
Yeah, it doesnt work. All i get now is a black screen, with the menu scrolling sounds going. Im guessing TS just isnt meant to run on vista.
7 years ago#4
I had that problem, but after restarting the computer then turning the User Account control off and restarting again, I've had no problems.
7 years ago#5
Thank you guys for the info! Helped a lot! Tiberian Sun on vista :) The world couldn't be better.

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