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User Info: keithg7

8 years ago#1
Magic Fish Combos:

#1. Greenfin Spotanus- Magical Fish of Fertility
Twin-Fin Spotanus + Spined Spotanus

#2. Speckled Leaffish - Magical Fish of Sustenance
Stubby Pigmy + Greenfin Comet
Orange Stickfish + Twin-Fin Beta
Orange Spotanus + Twin-Fin Fruitfish
Crimson Comet + Flagged Bananafish
Oriental Goldbulb + Finless Quicksilver
Spined Fruitfish + greenfin Spotanus
Orange Grouper + Twin-Fin Beta

#3. Crimson Comet - Magical Fish of Curing
Speckled Stickfish + Orange Goldbulb
Oriental Fruitfish + Speckled Carp
Speckled Stickfish + Oriental Goldbulb
Orange Fatfish + Speckled Leaffish
Crimson Leaffish + Crimson Fruitfish
Pink Beta + Flagged Gold Shark
Greenfin Leaffish + Hornet Flashfish
Twin-Fin Beta + Wasp Goldshark
Twin-Fin Pigmy + Wasp Goldshark
Oriental Goldbulb + Speckled Grouper

#4. Oriental Goldbulb - Magical Fish of Growth
Crimson Comet + Orange Goldbulb
Spined Leaffish + Wasp Gold Shark
Speckled Leaffish + Snubbed Fire-Arrow
Golden Goldbulb + Orange Goldbulb
Speckled Leaffish + Pink Goldshark
Greenfin Leaffish + Fanned Fire-Arrow
Flagged Leaffish + Tiger Goldshark
Crimson Grouper + Canary Fire-Arrow
Spined Grouper + Canary Fire-Arrow
Canary Goldshark + Spined Carp

#5. Orange Snooper - Magical Fish of Health
Fanned Stickfish + Stubby Fruitfish
Golden Arrowfish + Canary Fruitfish
Orange Fruitfish + Orange Snout

#6. Wasp Grouper - Magical Fish of Mutation
Oriental Goldbulb + Pink Pigmy
Orange Beta + Pink Comet
Oriental Goldbulb + Pink Beta

#7. Canary Fire-Arrow - Golden Guppy of Isola
Crimson Comet + Fanned Fatfish
Golden snooper + Canary Fatfish
Orange Snooper + Hornet Flashfish
Tiger Stickfish + Speckled Arrowfish
Orange Fruitfish + Canary Fire-Arrow
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Oswald - Odin Sphere
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