Hints for Fish Tycoon 1.0

#1marestailPosted 7/16/2009 6:08:39 PM
I bought this game for 9.95 and it is the most fun for 10 bucks you can find anywhere! I have spent many hours playing and will give you some hints to help you along. When you first start out, keep it simple and only breed fish like to like. If you try for exotic mixes, they will just die on you. Sad. Wait until you have enough cash from selling your fish to Research Environment before you try to breed exotic species. If you see a baby fish health meter at yellow, toss him out! They never improve, they will always die, and pollute your tank for your other healthy babies.Always check the heallth of your newborns! The purchase of uncommon or exotic fish eggs is not worth the exorbitant price, I bred better ones from my fish already owned! If a baby fishes health meter comes up less than full green line, move him into a tank with adult breeders or adult other fish, they will not affect the adult fishes health. Get a second tank as soon as you can afford one, you need to organize and isolate your fish! You can put babies in the sale tank and wait for them to "pop" into adults to see what they are before you sell. Keep at least one of any new breeds you develop, keep mixing the breeds only after you have reached level 3 on the Research Environment. Don't waste money on fancy tank ornaments unless you have tons of cash and have Researched all 3 levels of Environment, Food, and Advertising. For some reason, you can only have either Ick medicine or Fungus medicine in your inventory. If a fish gets Ick, you can medicate, it gives you three doses. Drop in right onto the sick fish. If it doesn't work the first time, toss him out! Unless he is a favorite breeder, keep trying. One fish that is phenomenal for breeding is the Twin Fin Fatfish, wow, what babies he makes! Wait until Level 3 of Research Environment for those fancy mixes! At that point , they will ALL live for you and you will be getting some fantastic fish! Price your new breeds at least $10 higher than the game suggests, they will still sell! Be careful if you have babies or teens in the sale tank while you are selling, they may grow up while you are in your store, turn out to be a fantastic new breed, and get sold by accident before you get to price them yourself! They all will "pop" into adults at age 20. In the beginning you will have to have patience and stick to the similar and simple breeds. Take your time, work your way up and have fun! It helps to make a chart on paper of what fish you have bred together and the resulting baby, that way you can make more of the high sellers and magic fish! Just pop one into the isolation tank and click on species, there you can see who his parents were and the game's suggested price. This is a very addictive game! No violence, but dead fish may upset a very young child. They just turn gray , so it is not very graphic. There is a screensaver feature, you can have your tank of pretty fish on your desktop. Click on the fish breed map in the store for more info about the game. You can have multiple players, play at different time speeds, or pause if you are going to be away from your computer for several days. The game runs in "real time' so fish keep growing, having babies, and getting hungry even when your computer is not on!